Finding My Orthodox Authenticity (Solo)

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There has been a lot of talk on social media about the Netflix show My Unorthodox Life these last couple weeks, and it has brought up a lot of different emotions for me. I thought I had healed from my upbringing, but I have found that I am still broken. After listening to others express their feelings for several days, I wanted to share how it has made me feel and what I have learned from this experience. 

Positive Mindset Affects Our Physical Health (Naomi Pelled)

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My new friend Naomi shares with us the story of how she lost half her body weight. At her heaviest, she was nearly 340 pounds, but today, she weighs about 160. She is active and able to keep up with her five-year-old twin boys, something she could not do when they were two. After struggling with her weight for her entire life, dealing with thyroid issues, and a period of infertility, Naomi has come to a place where she feels healthy and whole.

The Body-Mind Connection (Atara Weisberger)

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Atara Weisberger is an expert on the connection between our mental and physical health. She coaches people to improve their lives through nutrition and movement. She shares her experience with coaching health and wellness, how to recognize and choose to change negative habits, and the mental health benefits of a good diet and exercise.

Manifest Your Dreams Into Reality (Solo)

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The power of manifesting one’s dreams, goals and hopes into reality isn’t magic. Its a power. So powerful is this gift, called the Law of Attraction that we receive from God, which we all have, that we can receive abundance and blessings to move forward on our paths of want. What we want can be manifested into reality and tapping into this power requires a few simple steps.

Opening the Box (Solo)

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As Matana celebrates a two year milestone and wishes a Happy Birthday to the Hope to Recharge podcast, she gives gratitude to those instrumental in those who offered support and guidance in its creation. Although the microphone for the podcast was purchased many many months prior, she couldn’t get the first step in opening the box and it laid on the side for some time. Through perseverance and hand holding, she took that initial step to open the box, despite her fears, anxiety and doubt.

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