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Can Gratitude Really Make an Impact (Solo)

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We invite you to explore a passion for living with gratitude and the joy it brings us, as it can help to recover from depression and anxiety and became the foundation of good mental health practice. It has an impact on our day-to-day lives, and can enhance relationships, health and success. While some have skepticism about gratitude being ‘toxic positivity’, it’s a choice we make and a tool we can use, not a forcing mechanism. We wish more people would cultivate gratefulness and see the transformation in their life.

October 7th (Solo)

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In this heartfelt and personal episode, Matana shares her experiences and reflections on recent events in Israel, including the conflict and war. She emphasizes the significance of checking in with one’s emotions and needs, expressing empathy, and choosing love and kindness in the face of adversity.

Breaking the Stigma & Shedding Light on Adult ADHD (Dr. Dara Abraham)

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Awareness can be the first step towards empowerment, and such is the case with adult ADHD. In this episode, join Matana and Dr. Dara Abraham, a psychiatrist specializing in adult ADHD, as they discuss the differences in ADHD symptoms presentation between children and adults, and the general process of getting diagnosed and treated later in life. They also tackle the benefits and side effects of medication as a first-line treatment, other possible forms of care, as well as the common misconceptions about ADHD diagnosis that cause others to hesitate from seeking help.

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