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Gratitude Meditation – Invite & Ignite Living Alive (Solo)

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Each morning I start my day with a gratitude meditation that grounds me, brings me back to “center” and “balances” me for the day as much as possible. This process helps me to focus on things that matter to me and still allows space for what hurts at the same time.

Trauma Reactions vs Healthy Instincts (Esther Goldstein)

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Esther Goldstein is a licensed clinical social worker and trauma specialist, supporting adults with anxiety, depression, and trauma. She appreciates human struggles, unknowns and challenges and has seen pain, hurt and defeat as well as persistence, commitment and triumph.

It’s Called Manifesting… Look It Up (Anna Przy)

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Anna Przy, (Anna Przybylski) is a wife, business owner and humorous social media personality who juggles and struggles life with mental health challenges. Having been diagnosed with Anorexia, ADHD and depression, she channels her creativity into entertaining and engaging media content, to provide humor and help those who need a lift from the problems we all face.

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