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Gratitude In the Midst of Disappointment (Attitude of Gratitude)

Today we are going to talk about being grateful in the midst of disappointment. In the past, when I was expecting something, or excited about an upcoming event, I would be extremely disappointed if it didn’t work out. It would actually affect my mood to a point where I would get into a very negative place.

Holistic Approach to Our Emotions with Zahraa Surtee

Are there “good” emotions and “bad” emotions? Should we push away feelings of sadness or anger and seek to immediately replace them with more “acceptable” ways to feel? How about our mental health? Should we admit when we are struggling or hold back our struggles in order to not burden those around us?

Choosing Higher Vibrations (Attitude of Gratitude)

Today I wanted to share something with you that I have noticed about myself. In the past, I used to ask my extremely positive husband and father to “tone it down” with their positivity. I would question why they were so happy and why they intentionally chose joy everyday. I did not understand how anyone could live in such a high vibration simply by being alive.

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