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Recharging to Spring Forward (Solo)

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In this short episode, Matana shares her joy at Hope To Recharge podcast reaching a new milestone of 50,000 downloads. In order to improve herself, and her work, she, as most people, require the time to reflect, recharge and focus, and will be going on a short break. Resuming in March with new content, it’s important for us all to pamper ourselves with needed rest to enjoy our growth.

Empower Your Mindset (Sari Dana)

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Sari Dana tells us her story of how she chose to move away from dieting after a long struggle with binge eating. She chose to give her body unconditional acceptance and love, no matter what happened to her size, which put her in a much healthier place both mentally and physically than she had been before. Her passion to empower everyone involved in working with teens, including the kids themselves, is to retrain their minds to see themselves as a whole person, not just their bodies or any other part, and to love every part unconditionally. Once they have started that work in themselves, they can start to guide others as well. 

A Journey of Teen Bipolar Disorder (Nicole Howson)

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Growing up, Nichole and her family knew she was different; something just seemed “off.” But she wouldn’t get diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder until she was 20 years old. As a young child, she assumed everyone was having a similar inner experience to hers, so she didn’t even think to ask for help. Her parents didn’t understand how much was going on in her brain. During a manic episode, Nichole left home and moved in with a boy several hours away. When the mania subsided, she found herself in the deepest depression of her life. She took herself to the hospital many times, and was turned away every time before finally getting admitted for attempting suicide and being taken home by her parents.

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