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Braiding Love, Respect & Trust Into Relationships (Aliza Bulow)

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Aliza Bulow, a returning guest, shares the path that led to her conversion to Judaism with us, an in depth conversation about finding belonging in our community, and her love, respect and trust she shares with her husband, despite his late in life rejection of their religion. Aliza previously shared her journey through her son’s depression and eventual suicide in two previous episodes.

Mental Health Awareness Month: Does Awareness Help? (Solo)

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Coming back from Passover break, we catch up on Matana’s journey, and the internal changes seen over the past few weeks. May is crowned National Mental Health Awareness month, but is it enough to just have it marked in a calendar? Growth and appreciation are a constant and required focus to continue along the journey of recovery and noticing the little details are a critical tool to developing a healthy gratitude mindset. Awareness can be fickle if it isn’t well defined and intended for long term internalization.

The Heartbeat of Life (Solo)

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As Matana faces different hectic life events, she navigates from important to more important. Often, we neglect important items for things that are more important, and that’s ok. Feeling unaccomplished or missing out on goals can often lead to disappointment but we need to also focus on downtime. Critically important for maintaining proper mental health, taking the time we need to reflect, relax or focus is also needed for continued energy.

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