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Having Strength To Do What You Need Without Losing Yourself (Olya Hill)

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Our guest, Olya Hill, is the founder of Living Notes. Olya is a former dancer, now a creative director, and the mother of seven children. She is a beautiful soul that believes in energy and positive mindset. She believes in womens’ empowerment, choosing ourselves as humans, being authentic and evolving with life.

Moving Forward From Crisis With Goal Setting (Natalie Bacon)

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Natalie Bacon pivoted from being a practicing business Attorney, to starting and authoring a blog, to becoming a certified financial planner and finally transitioning to become trained as a full time life coach. She shares her struggles and trauma from growing up with an alcoholic dad whose life revolved around DWI’s, being in & out of jail, and his financial consequences, and the trauma of having recently lost her dad with whom she rebuilt her relationship.

Staying MENTALLY STRONG During a Personal Crisis (Marley Jaxx)

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We are kicking off this conversation by speaking with online entrepreneur and speaker, Maley Jaxx, who in just a few short years transitioned from her career to being in the public eye with her very popular brand and online presence. During all of this professional change, she was also experiencing a very difficult time in her personal life as her marriage was coming to an end.

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