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From Paralysis to Hiking Across Spain (Courtney Runyon)

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Courtney Runyon faced paralysis and betrayal but overcame both with the power of resilience. She found solace in humor, using laughter as a tool to uplift herself and others. Embracing vulnerability and imperfections, Courtney emphasizes adaptability and creativity in turning setbacks into opportunities, such as shifting her goal from running a marathon to hiking across Spain.

The Resilience Framework: Understanding and Uncovering the Source of Wellbeing (Terry Rubenstein)

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Terry Rubenstein is a mother, grandmother, author, podcaster, thought leader, educator and charity founder and a unique pioneer in the field of mental wellbeing and resilience with a remarkable backstory. Over the course of fifteen years, she developed the Resilience Framework, which has impacted countless people across multiple demographics, sectors and platforms.

Terry shares her own experiences and challenges with mental health and delves into what resilience is, her own relationship with it, and its profound significance in her journey. The Resilience Framework offers many applications across different contexts, in how resilience relates to other ideas as is the innateness of wellbeing in humans, healing and its stages, the intelligence of and logic behind the psychological system, and much more. As we unravel resilience and its many applications, there are insights on where it can be found.

Exhale – What It Takes To Just Breathe (Fally Klein)

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When asked to list essentials or things you can’t live without, food and water are the first things that come up, but there’s one above all that we often overlook: oxygen. In this extra insightful interview, we have a returning guest: author, hypnotherapist, and breathwork facilitator Fally Klein. Fally has personal experience and a lot of wisdom regarding trauma, resilience, and healing our bodies and souls through different modalities. In fact, we’ve had her for several Hope to Recharge episodes before, with one of our conversations focusing on self-love as the path to healing.

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