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How RUNNING Helped My Depression (Mark West)

My guest this week, Mark West says he believes that we “all have a runner in us”. Mark is a long distance runner and mental health advocate who is using his platform to not only encourage everyone to adapt a running routine into their life but do so to improve their mental health.

Amping Up Gratitude (Attitude of Gratitude)

Why am I talking about gratitude? Why is my tone so upbeat? When there is so much uncertainty in the world, when so many people are afraid, I truly believe this is when gratitude is most important and key to shifting our mindset during all the uncertainty.

How to Hack Your Thoughts and Improve Your Mood (Elisheva Liss)

Today we are digging into how we can better understand our emotions, improve our mood, and gain control of our thoughts! We have the perfect person to guide us in this conversation, my friend and incredibly accomplished therapist, Elisheva Liss.

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