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Growing After Parental Hoarding (Margy Feldhuhn)

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Margy’s father committed suicide and her struggle with his mental health symptoms didn’t end with his death. He was a hoarder. Margy, as his only child, was thrust into the role of going through her parents’ house after he passed. She was the one who had to hire help and a dumpster and motivate her mother to go through her belongings every single day until the house was cleaned out.

Does Eating Turkey Give You Power? (Solo)

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As the Holiday of Thanksgiving 2021 is upon us, we can harness its energy and message. Gratitude is an essential gift for harnessing and focusing our innate power and allows us to grow and gift to others. Thanksgiving is a holiday that encompasses the idea into a concrete moment, allowing us to reflect on our blessings, recognize them and appreciate them.

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