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From Grief to Grace: Molly’s Inspiring Transformation After the Tragic Loss of Her Daughter (Molly Jackson)

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In this podcast episode, we are privileged to engage in a deeply moving conversation with Molly Jackson, focusing on resilience, grief, hope, and finding inspiration amidst profound loss. Molly shares her heart-wrenching experience of losing her daughter Lucy, who tragically passed away after choking on an apple. We delve into the immediate aftermath of Lucy’s passing, the heartbreak, and the intense grief that followed. We explore the complexities of grief, the differences in coping mechanisms, and the transformative power of sharing one’s story.

The Language of Vibration: How Words Shape Our Energy and Reality (Giselle van Lux)

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Giselle van Lux, based in Berlin, Germany, is blessed from birth with the unique ability to see and feel energy, in words, both thought or spoken and can transform energies in seconds for an uplifting personal growth. This gift enables her to directly “read” energy signatures. She works as a consciousness coach, helping clients work on their energies and realize the power of words in order to manifest the best versions of themselves .

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