The Fatal Price of Sexual Shame and Secrecy (Mordechai Salzberg)

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Communities often attempt to silence sexual conduct and misconduct and the associated secrecy and shame it fosters. Intentional secrecy surrounding sexual knowledge, sexual abuse and sexual addiction profoundly harms children and families in any community and especially one that is sincere and devout, such as Judaism. The Chasidic community in particular has an extreme level of secrecy to the degree that the word ‘pregnant’ is not said aloud, because it’s considered too sexual. Mordecai Salzberg, LCSW, is a sexual addiction therapist who works primarily with Chasidic Jews, and speaks about the havoc that this secrecy is wrecking.

Positive Mindset Affects Our Physical Health (Naomi Pelled)

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My new friend Naomi shares with us the story of how she lost half her body weight. At her heaviest, she was nearly 340 pounds, but today, she weighs about 160. She is active and able to keep up with her five-year-old twin boys, something she could not do when they were two. After struggling with her weight for her entire life, dealing with thyroid issues, and a period of infertility, Naomi has come to a place where she feels healthy and whole.

Searching for God in the Garbage (Bracha Goetz)

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Bracha Goetz walks us through her journey to finding purpose in her life. Her search began at age 12 when she started wondering what the point of anything was and feeling very empty inside. She thought there must be more to life than what those around her do and expected her to do. She began her struggle with food, experimented with drugs and sought out religions and philosophical schools of thought.

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