Over the years, I have found May to be a month of growth, change and hope for me. As mental health awareness month, I find it to be no surprise that May has held many sacred new beginnings in both my personal and professional life. Just twelve years ago in May 2010, I was first hospitalized for depression and anxiety. This was the beginning of a lifelong journey of both pain and purpose, hurt and healing. My journey took a different turn when I finally decided to start healing. Then, just three years ago I reached out to my phenomenal mentor – Heather Parody, who I intuitively knew I wanted to mentor me alongside my journey as a podcast host. I came across her profile on Facebook and was immediately drawn in by her radiant smile and good energy. At that moment I knew. I knew that Heather’s energy was exactly what I needed to help propel me forward. It came as no surprise to me when Heather responded saying that she actually mentored podcast hosts for a living! So, on May 14th we had our first Zoom call talking about Hope to Recharge and on May 28th, Hope to Recharge was finally born. I never believed that just three years into it, I would’ve come so far and helped inspire so many beautiful souls on their healing journeys too. I am so incredibly grateful to both my listeners and mentors. Heather believed in me, while John Israel taught me the importance of using my strength to help pay it forward and heal others. He showed me how vital it was to put my gifts of empathy, deep listening and love to good use, to serve others and contribute to this world.

Through both my personal and professional journey, I’ve learnt absolutely valuable life lessons. Perhaps one of the most important ones is that mental health awareness on its own, is not enough. Education without action falls flat and only perpetuates cycles of shame, victimhood and suffering. Now, going into my fourth year as the host of Hope to Recharge my intention is to help make this very action come to life. I intend on taking awareness and turning it into both acceptance and action.

Action is always the first and most necessary step to something much, much greater than our simple vision of our lives. Taking this first step helps us progress beyond the limits and fears of our minds and allows us to trust in a much Higher power than ourselves.

We live in a day and age where we are privileged with access to information at a simple click of a button and it’s easy to take this for granted. However, my own journey has shown me how action, paired with faith, support, hope and belief all truly result in lasting and fulfilling change.

I can’t wait to experience both the many surprises and delights which May has to bring with it, going forward. May Mental Health Awareness Month inspire us to both educate and take action for ourselves and may the many journeys which we are invited to partake in help us grow deeper, more hopeful and more in awe at how we are continuously gifted with more in life.

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