Listen to Understand (Solo)

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In this first episode of 2023, Matana walks through the steps of how to focus on listening. Others often turn to us to unpack concerns, share moments and be a listening ear but we may not give the attention they deserve, despite our best intentions. Moreoften, people aren’t using the words to accurately transmit what they wish to convey or the emotions they feel.

Not Everyone Understands (Solo)

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We welcome summer in with happiness and optimism at whats to come. Coming out of our series on Marriage & Relationships and looking forward, we still hear and see many who do not understand the what the struggles with mental health means and how demanding and dominating it can be on ourselves and those whom we love. Some of us are alienated by those who we considered friends and others are pushed back into stigma.

How We Did It & What’s Next (Solo)

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As Hope to Recharge completes its 3rd year and 200th episode, we take a moment to recognize past achievements and accomplishments and give gratitude to those who helped reach this milestone. Although the journey of healing was treacherous and laden with the possibility of defeat, we continue to discuss and practice the essential tools that allow us to move forward each day.

Mental Health Awareness Month: Does Awareness Help? (Solo)

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Coming back from Passover break, we catch up on Matana’s journey, and the internal changes seen over the past few weeks. May is crowned National Mental Health Awareness month, but is it enough to just have it marked in a calendar? Growth and appreciation are a constant and required focus to continue along the journey of recovery and noticing the little details are a critical tool to developing a healthy gratitude mindset. Awareness can be fickle if it isn’t well defined and intended for long term internalization.

The Heartbeat of Life (Solo)

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As Matana faces different hectic life events, she navigates from important to more important. Often, we neglect important items for things that are more important, and that’s ok. Feeling unaccomplished or missing out on goals can often lead to disappointment but we need to also focus on downtime. Critically important for maintaining proper mental health, taking the time we need to reflect, relax or focus is also needed for continued energy.

Measuring Success by Frequency, Duration & Intensity (Solo)

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We’re human an are programmed to want things in our life. Some people want happiness, others seek weight loss, better sleep, reducing stress, financial success or a healthy mindset. We yearn and it often consumes us. When we receive that which we so desperately seek, how do we react? Do we utilize gratitude? Many of us do, but is the gratitude expressed, proportionate to the intensity of the original yearning?

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