Be Happy First with Lauren Foster (Attitude of Gratitude)

How can we find happiness when we are told “no”? Maybe a client has turned down our service or perhaps we have been asking God for something specific and haven’t received it. How can we be grateful during times like this and find joy even in the midst of disappointment?

AOG Vitamin (Attitude of Gratitude)

Do you take vitamins? It may even be a part of your daily routine and few of us would argue on their benefits. What does this have to do with gratitude? In today’s episode I share with you why practicing daily gratitude is like a vitamin that can not only improve your day but also set you up for a longer and happier life.

Ep 43 – The Power to CHOOSE Gratitude (Attitude with Gratitude)

Today I am coming back to you from Jerusalem. We are ending our fabulous trip and heading back to the States in the morning, but I wanted to wrap up this journey with another lesson about gratitude that I have learned over the past couple of weeks.