Sex & Intimacy in the Orthodox Jewish Community: What’s working, What’s not working & What needs to change (Talli Rosenbaum)

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Talli Rosenbaum, an individual, couples and certified sex therapist, who deals mainly with human relationships, and in particular, intimate relationships, joins us in this eye opening episode that confronts a controversial topic that needs exploration. Suppressed and overt traumas of all kinds can be often be triggered and revealed in intimate and personal sexual situations. Even more, one’s first sexual experience in of itself, can be perceived as a traumatic event, if conversation, mutual expectations, assumptions and desires are not properly addressed in advance.

Listen to Understand (Solo)

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In this first episode of 2023, Matana walks through the steps of how to focus on listening. Others often turn to us to unpack concerns, share moments and be a listening ear but we may not give the attention they deserve, despite our best intentions. Moreoften, people aren’t using the words to accurately transmit what they wish to convey or the emotions they feel.

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