There is no substitute for a listening ear.
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I’m often asked to help.

In trying times, its always helpful to have a compassionate, listening, caring ear. Someone with whom you can share your story, your past, your hurt, your pain. Anguish, torment, anxiety and depression were frequent visitors to my mind and Thank G-d, with much work, time and support from those around me, I was able to grow, heal and change into a different person, a person who became more aware of my triggers, red flags and bear traps.

I am available to those in need, to help as best I can. I am not a licensed therapist, nor do I claim to be one. But as your consultant, I can understand you, your story and your past and I will support you and be your cheerleader. Full Disclaimer: I can’t make any promises to heal you or be a substitute for a mental health professional or an accredited licensed therapist, nor do I make any assertion that I can diagnose, treat, cure or prevent and disease or diagnosis, but I’ll will give you solid practice advice gained from my years of hard work and experience from guiding others. We will put a plan into place that can help you achieve your goals.

It will be personal, it might be raw and it might hurt, but I will listen to you, without judgement and without being dismissive. If I’m asked, I’ll share the details of my life that could be relevant to you. Helping you to heal, grown and awaken. If you want my unbiased clear and objective opinion and suggestions, I will humbly offer you the best that I am able to. If you need me to be be quiet, I have no ego or need to be right. I can truly respect that and have only your best healing goals & methods in mind. I will hold your hand in the path to a better life.

People have told me that I have incredible intuition, that I’m blessed with a gift to hear and glean insight from speaking to people. I don’t always feel that way, but I’m grateful that some see me that way and I’ll do my best to use the skills I have to try and help you. If I feel you would be better off having professional help, I’ll tell you. If you need a compassionate ear, you’ll have mine. You can expect complete confidentiality and discretion.

I will not have enough hours in the day to consult with everyone. Life is busy, but I will devote time to those who commit themselves to the process.

I am offering the first consultation of 30 minutes (via zoom or by telephone) at no charge and if you are interested in additional sessions, my per session rate is $225.00. Each session lasts 60 minutes, with no minimum commitment, so you can end at any time.

Take the next step now: If you’d like me to clear time for you and you agree to the terms and conditions of having me consult with you, please submit some basic details about your story in the confidential form below to see if this is a fit and I’ll personally send you my calendar schedule for you to choose a date & time for your free consultation.

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