Breaking Free of Child Anxiety and OCD (Dr. Eli Lebowitz)

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Children with OCD and anxiety need their parents to understand that they feel terrified. They need their parents to express confidence in their ability to face their fears. What they don’t need is for their parents to do everything for them when they’re afraid because over time, they will need to learn how to deal with their fears when their parents aren’t around. Dr. Lebowitz’s book, Breaking Free of Child Anxiety and OCD: A Scientifically Proven Program for Parents, provides a roadmap for how parents can successfully guide their children to overcome their fears.

Living with Infertility Miscarriage & Chronic Bleeding PART 2 (Alana Shlagbaum)

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In part 2 of our talk with Alana Shlagbaum, who is not a therapist, doctor or any kind of health expert but a preschool teacher from New Jersey, Matana shares her own personal story with Alana, of how miscarriage and living with chronic bleeding prevented her from becoming pregnant.

Living with Infertility Miscarriage & Chronic Bleeding (Alana Shlagbaum)

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Our guest today is not a therapist, doctor or any kind of health expert but a preschool teacher from New Jersey. She talks about our personal experiences with infertility, miscarriage, and living with chronic bleeding conditions. Alana struggled for years without having anyone who understood what she was going through, so she is here to offer that support she never had to others.

Chazkeinu: Past, Present & Future

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You might know someone with mental illness. Maybe it’s you; maybe a family member or friend. But it is someone you wish to see get better. You’ve seen them suffer, even while in treatment. Perhaps you have suffered as well. You wish there was another way for them to find help and hope in the darkness. Chazkeinu was created to offer that additional support to Orthodox Jewish women living with mental illness.

Finding My Orthodox Authenticity (Solo)

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There has been a lot of talk on social media about the Netflix show My Unorthodox Life these last couple weeks, and it has brought up a lot of different emotions for me. I thought I had healed from my upbringing, but I have found that I am still broken. After listening to others express their feelings for several days, I wanted to share how it has made me feel and what I have learned from this experience. 

Opening the Box (Solo)

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As Matana celebrates a two year milestone and wishes a Happy Birthday to the Hope to Recharge podcast, she gives gratitude to those instrumental in those who offered support and guidance in its creation. Although the microphone for the podcast was purchased many many months prior, she couldn’t get the first step in opening the box and it laid on the side for some time. Through perseverance and hand holding, she took that initial step to open the box, despite her fears, anxiety and doubt.

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