GRATITUDE During the Coronavirus Crisis (Attitude of Gratitude)

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, I wanted to come to you today and talk about the role of gratitude during this stressful time. Like you, I am balancing work, children, being home, and navigating my own mental health while the world is in a panic. I wanted to share with you how gratitude is helping me get through this difficult time.

How FOOD Affects Your Mental Health with Dr. Selena Bartlett

Can what we eat have a drastic effect on our mental health? Is it possible to heal our brains and be able to rewire years of conditioning through things like changing our diet? We are bringing a favorite on the show Dr. Selena Barlett, back for her third appearance to discuss the implications our diet has on our mental health.

Practicing Gratitude (Attitude of Gratitude)

As Brene Brown says, “There is never joy without gratitude, they are both connected!” I have been experiencing that a lot lately. So I decided on today’s episode of Attitude of Gratitude, not to teach about gratitude like we normally do, but instead PRACTICE gratitude with you, the listener. Are you ready?