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Can Gratitude Really Make an Impact (Solo)

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We invite you to explore a passion for living with gratitude and the joy it brings us, as it can help to recover from depression and anxiety and became the foundation of good mental health practice. It has an impact on our day-to-day lives, and can enhance relationships, health and success. While some have skepticism about gratitude being ‘toxic positivity’, it’s a choice we make and a tool we can use, not a forcing mechanism. We wish more people would cultivate gratefulness and see the transformation in their life.

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Improve Your Mental Health (& Life) By Becoming Self Aware (Solo)

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As we start enter into May, designated as Mental Health Awareness Month, Matana reflects on four years of Hope to Recharge and celebrates walking alongside mental health warriors. She shares how she balances work and passions and lessons learned at the happiness Study Academy retreat in Lake Como, Italy and traveling through Switzerland. Offering practical tips for today and tomorrow as well as the importance of flexibility in mental health support by discovering Switzerland and how the power of manifestation in travel and life can help find gratitude in hectic seasons. She discussed the different styles of mental health support offered by a therapist vs. coach and insights gleaned from the positive psychology of Tal Ben-Shahar, that discuss the strategies for a happier and more fulfilling life.