Ep 23 – Living with a Loved One that Suffered from Depression and Anxiety (Ari’s Side of the Story) with Ari Jacobs

This week I am introducing to you someone who is incredibly special to me and has played one of the most significant roles not only in my life but also in my healing process from mental illness.

Ep 14 – In Loving Memory Of My Dear Cousin Dr. Avigail Rock (Attitude with Gratitude)

Can you find gratitude in the midst of grief? 

This week, on my birthday, my first cousin Avigail lost her battle to cancer, leaving behind a husband and five children. She was a brilliant woman and we will miss her terribly.

Ep 7 – A Neuroscientist’s Personal Mental Health Journey with Dr. Selena Bartlett

Can your brain CHANGE? Do we have the power to rewire unhealthy patterns, reverse years of bad habits, and create a new future for ourselves? Our guest this week says that we can and that our brains are MUCH more powerful than we could even imagine.

Ep 6 – Does Gratitude Lead to Joy or Does Joy Lead to Gratitude? (Attitude with Gratitude)

I am reading a book right now by Melody Beattie, “Making Miracles in 40 Days.” that has a unique perspective on gratitude. How do you find gratitude in your life when things are not going well? How do we make space for gratitude even in the darkest of times?