The Resilience Framework: Understanding and Uncovering the Source of Wellbeing (Terry Rubenstein)

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Terry Rubenstein is a mother, grandmother, author, podcaster, thought leader, educator and charity founder and a unique pioneer in the field of mental wellbeing and resilience with a remarkable backstory. Over the course of fifteen years, she developed the Resilience Framework, which has impacted countless people across multiple demographics, sectors and platforms.

Terry shares her own experiences and challenges with mental health and delves into what resilience is, her own relationship with it, and its profound significance in her journey. The Resilience Framework offers many applications across different contexts, in how resilience relates to other ideas as is the innateness of wellbeing in humans, healing and its stages, the intelligence of and logic behind the psychological system, and much more. As we unravel resilience and its many applications, there are insights on where it can be found.

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Exhale – What It Takes To Just Breathe (Fally Klein)

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When asked to list essentials or things you can’t live without, food and water are the first things that come up, but there’s one above all that we often overlook: oxygen. In this extra insightful interview, we have a returning guest: author, hypnotherapist, and breathwork facilitator Fally Klein. Fally has personal experience and a lot of wisdom regarding trauma, resilience, and healing our bodies and souls through different modalities. In fact, we’ve had her for several Hope to Recharge episodes before, with one of our conversations focusing on self-love as the path to healing.

The Power of Somatic Therapy in Trauma (Micki Lavin-Pell)

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In this compelling episode, Micki Lavin-Pell, MS, MA, a seasoned certified marriage and family therapist and relationship coach, sheds light on somatic therapy, harnessing it to unravel trauma and its profound impact on individuals and relationships. From dissecting the intricacies of trauma responses to delving into the healing process, Micki shares valuable insights derived from her extensive therapeutic experience. The discussion extends to the challenges faced by partners and caretakers of individuals dealing with mental health issues, offering a nuanced perspective on navigating these complex dynamics. With profound wisdom, Micki provides a unique blend of somatic therapy principles and real-world applications for listeners seeking a deeper understanding of trauma and its transformative possibilities.

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The Untold Story of Chanuka (Kayla Haber-Goldstein)

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In this though provoking episode we hear from Kayla Haber-Goldstein, who recants the untold story told in Midrash Le-Chanuka, of Chana, the daughter of the high priest Matisyahu (מַתִּתְיָהוּ הַכֹּהֵן בֶּן יוֹחָנָן) (~167 BCE) who risked herself and her dignity and set a series of events into motion that began the revolution that is now known as the story of Chanuka. Chana lived her truth and faced those around her, challenging them to do the same. A powerful story worthy of noting lessons learned  and implementing into our lives.

Breaking the Stigma & Shedding Light on Adult ADHD (Dr. Dara Abraham)

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Awareness can be the first step towards empowerment, and such is the case with adult ADHD. In this episode, join Matana and Dr. Dara Abraham, a psychiatrist specializing in adult ADHD, as they discuss the differences in ADHD symptoms presentation between children and adults, and the general process of getting diagnosed and treated later in life. They also tackle the benefits and side effects of medication as a first-line treatment, other possible forms of care, as well as the common misconceptions about ADHD diagnosis that cause others to hesitate from seeking help.

From Grief to Grace: Molly’s Inspiring Transformation After the Tragic Loss of Her Daughter (Molly Jackson)

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In this podcast episode, we are privileged to engage in a deeply moving conversation with Molly Jackson, focusing on resilience, grief, hope, and finding inspiration amidst profound loss. Molly shares her heart-wrenching experience of losing her daughter Lucy, who tragically passed away after choking on an apple. We delve into the immediate aftermath of Lucy’s passing, the heartbreak, and the intense grief that followed. We explore the complexities of grief, the differences in coping mechanisms, and the transformative power of sharing one’s story.

The Language of Vibration: How Words Shape Our Energy and Reality (Giselle van Lux)

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Giselle van Lux, based in Berlin, Germany, is blessed from birth with the unique ability to see and feel energy, in words, both thought or spoken and can transform energies in seconds for an uplifting personal growth. This gift enables her to directly “read” energy signatures. She works as a consciousness coach, helping clients work on their energies and realize the power of words in order to manifest the best versions of themselves .

Getting Unstuck: Live with More Mindfulness & Purpose (Dr. Leah Katz)

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Having a strained relationship with religion is not new for a lot of people, especially those that come from an Orthodox background. In this episode, Matana and Dr. Leah Katz, a clinical psychologist who specializes in working with teenagers and adults, talks with us about the role of mindfulness in breaking free from the traditions and expectations that keep us from living an authentic life and the journey towards living your authentic self and dealing with the obstacles that come with it. They also tackle the difference between spirituality and religion, and how mindfulness helps in redefining our approach to religion, traditional beliefs, and God.

Sex & Intimacy in the Orthodox Jewish Community: What’s working, What’s not working & What needs to change (Talli Rosenbaum)

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Talli Rosenbaum, an individual, couples and certified sex therapist, who deals mainly with human relationships, and in particular, intimate relationships, joins us in this eye opening episode that confronts a controversial topic that needs exploration. Suppressed and overt traumas of all kinds can be often be triggered and revealed in intimate and personal sexual situations. Even more, one’s first sexual experience in of itself, can be perceived as a traumatic event, if conversation, mutual expectations, assumptions and desires are not properly addressed in advance.