Gratitude is a Choice (Attitude of Gratitude)

Have you ever had a strong expectation that something was going to turn out a certain way only to be disappointed that it went in a completely different direction? Maybe your hopes were up that something would happen and when it didn’t, you were left extremely frustrated.

One Moment of Gratitude Leads to the Next (Attitude of Gratitude)

For the past several months we have been producing Attitude of Gratitude on Thursdays to encourage you to invite gratitude into your life as a daily practice. Unfortunately, I have seen that there are still so many people who are hesitant to practice gratitude because they simply do not believe that it will work. In today’s episode, I share with you exactly how one moment of gratitude WILL slowly change your life.

How to Level UP Your Mental Health in 2020 (Attitude of Gratitude)

Here we are! The first Attitude of Gratitude for the New Year! Let’s start this year with an abundance of gratitude for all that we went through in 2019. What happened to you this past year that made you a better person? What was something you feared in 2019 that ended up being a huge blessing? We have so much to be grateful for!

The Gratitude Podcast with Gorgian Benta

I am so excited to introduce you to someone who has been instrumental in my own gratitude practice. Gorgian Benta host of The Gratitude Podcast joins us today to talk about why he is so passionate about gratitude and how it pulled him out of a time where he had “hit rock bottom”.

Holiday Gratitude Even in Blues (Attitude Gratitude)

Do you struggle with the “Holiday Blues”? A lot of people struggle during the holidays and it can be especially difficult because most people are celebrating and you feel like you “should” be happy and not feeling the way that you do. In today’s episode, we talk about coping with the holiday blues and even finding gratitude in the midst of it.

Embracing Your Uniqueness with Cameron Herold

What if the thing that you think is a weakness is actually a strength? What if many of the “disorders” that we place on people are actually just their own uniqueness and something they can use to their advantage? This week I had the honor of connecting with Cameron Herold, also known as the “CEO whisperer”, to talk about his journey in mental health and why he thinks you should embrace what sets you apart.