In my work as a podcast host, consultant, mother, wife and dear friend to so many, I’ve learnt that in order to give to others with all that I really have, I have to first be willing to give to myself. Many of us are naturally born to serve. We love from the depths of our being, giving without expectation and truly hoping for the best for others. When we are able to change another’s life, it fills us up with so much of joy and deep contentment! We serve because we intimately understand the pangs of pain and suffering ourselves. We understand just how moving a helping hand from somebody who is truly kind and sincere really means to us.

I’ve recently held so many interesting conversations on Hope to Recharge, from talking about sexual shame and secrecy, to sharing my intimate and vulnerable struggles with infertility and ovarian failure. These are conversations which I’ve put my heart and soul into having, knowing that if it just reached one person’s heart and helped them experience the world differently, that I would’ve made a true impact. Needless to say, the feedback on my podcast has been phenomenal and it’s reminded me of why I chose to stand on this platform and use my voice to begin with – to bring light to the darkness of so many others’ sufferings and help them pave a way for themselves forward. Hope to recharge is synonymous with the prospect of hope itself. Each and every time I sit down to have a conversation with my guest, I pray that God helps me use my voice and words wisely. I can certainly both see and feel the impact of this whenever I receive feedback from my cherished community. I feel so, so blessed and grateful to reach so many of your hearts each week!

To celebrate the hard work which has gone into Hope to recharge, I recently chose to take some time off and spend time with my family in sunny Florida. I felt that this was necessary to witness what was coming up for me, as well as to implement all the nuggets that I share in my own life. Putting into practice what I learn is a constant journey for me and a big part of my own development. I invest time in myself when I consciously choose to slow down and cultivate greater self-love and self-care in my own life.

I believe that as much as we are called to use our voices here, silence is also the best fertiliser for any productivity. Although I still had meetings with clients, I decided not to take any speaking engagements or any zoom calls that weren’t on my weekly schedule.

I invested in myself and my family. We had massages, went for walks, did yoga, meditation and enjoyed time on the beach all in sunny Florida. Both my family and I relished in the freedom of this trip. It felt so bountiful and warming to our hearts!

I also decided to meet with a few Hope to Recharge community members and it was absolutely special to experience first-hand the many listeners who tune in every week. It meant so much to me to see them in person and connect with them heart to heart!

The true power of self-care is that when we are able to be silent and listen to what our minds, bodies and hearts really need, we only fill our own cups, so that we can be of even greater service to others. You’ve probably heard the phrase that ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’ and it’s absolutely true. When we slow down, we see better the multiple gifts which are always surrounding us. Silence teaches us how to listen better. A slow pace helps us witness even more intricately the gifts of sunlight, snow, fresh air and the growth and withering of nature around us. We are better able to express gratitude for all our bounties when we choose to take a break from our daily routines.

Self-care need not mean taking a trip or even leaving your house. Implementing true self-care is a daily process of unpacking and making more space for what truly belongs within. When I have a bad day, I take some time out to truly sit with my feelings and listen to what they have to say. I pay attention to the signals of my body and what she is asking from me at that particular moment in time. I attend to myself with grace, care, gratitude and deep, unwavering compassion. Being a mother has also taught me the importance of using the same loving and kind voice that I speak to my children in, with myself too. In this way, self-care becomes a safe haven and home for me to return back to whenever I need.

I’ve realized that putting ourselves first doesn’t mean that others come last. Putting ourselves first means that we’re willing to include ourselves in all the love, attention and care we so openly and graciously give to others. It means that we see ourselves as part of the picture too and that we recognize our worthiness and just how deserving we are of these gifts of love and care for ourselves. I’ve noticed that when I do this for myself, I always come back more refreshed, revitalized, ‘full’ and ready to serve again.

The year has just started, but don’t wait for December to treat yourself and give yourself a break. Slow down, listen, pay attention to and give back to yourself every single day.

How are you cultivating greater self-love and self-care today?

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