What is the Hope To Recharge Mastermind?

The mastermind is a group gathering of like minded people, who come together to learn, heal, grow in a monthly group live zoom video and/or telephone call-in session, led by Matana. Some live sessions will include guest appearances by mental health professionals, neuroscientists, therapists and energy healers.

Members will also have access to a private, closed chat group where everyone can share their experiences, hopes, dreams and journey with one another, and level up their own personal mental health.

How Was The Hope To Recharge Mastermind Born?

After months of releasing podcasting episodes, many listeners of the Hope to Recharge Podcast requested consulting and guidance in implementing topics discussed in the Hope to Recharge Podcast. Due to time constraints, and the cost of personal consulting, the Mastermind allows for an affordable solution that is improved by having many individuals contribute their journey.

Who is it for?

The Hope To Recharge mastermind is specifically designed for individuals who have experienced or are supporting others who are battling depression, anxiety, emotional pain, or other mental health struggles.

Members should be committed to the process of healing and have taken concrete steps, such as therapy, healing, improved mindset to make positive changes to their current state. These individuals should be givers, growth oriented people that are willing to share their story and reveal some of their personal journey so that others may glean from their experience and knowledge.

Individuals should be seeking hope for a better tomorrow, and a belief in achieving this, gratefulness, practice gratitude or a willingness to practice gratitude, an open mind to trying things not previously done, and believe that they deserve to heal and are willing to gift themselves this experience.

Members should be prepared to come with their mental health “workout clothes” and excited to implement new ideas discussed in each Mastermind session.

This group is not intended to take the place of professional therapy or as a substitute for medication, but rather a place where like minded people can share and grow.

Who is it NOT for?

The Mastermind is not for individuals with a negative mindset, not for those that believe they cannot heal, not for those using the group in place of a mental health professional, and not for people just looking to talk about whats NOT working without having an open mindset to improve their mental health.

How often and When does the mastermind meet?

The group is scheduled to meet once a month at 8:30pm EST. The next session will be announced shortly. If you are unable to attend the live session, as a member, you will receive access to the recorded session.

What is the cost to participate?

To encourage and enable those committed to making a positive and real change to their mental health, we set a reasonable and affordable price point of a monthly subscription of $39.00 per month.

Monthly subscription will automatically rebill each month, cancel anytime.

Members can join and cancel at any time. We offer a 30 day, unconditional 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with the mastermind for any reason, please contact us to receive a full refund.

How and where do we meet?

In addition to the once monthly video and call in a session, members will have access to a private, members only, Facebook chat group that will enable members to communicate 24/7 with each other and Matana during the time that their membership is active.

Do I Need A Webcam to participate in the monthly live sessions?

No, webcam and zoom video meeting is encouraged but not a requirement. If you feel more comfortable joining by telephone, a dial in telephone number will be provided.

What is the goal of the Hope To Recharge mastermind for 2020?

Our goal is bring positive people together who will implement strategies and move the needle in their own mental health status in a positive direction. They will gain tools, insight and clarity on how to live a better life, overcome challenges when they are confronted by them, be an ambassador of the hope To Recharge movement and BREAK THE STIGMA. By years end, our hope is for members to be strong enough to shine their wellness onto others, helping them in their mental health journey. Because, at Hope To Recharge, we believe, in mental health, TOGETHER IS BETTER.

How can I join?

If you feel that our group is right for you, and you agree to abide by our terms and conditions of membership, please choose your membership term below. Once completed, we’ll email your welcome kit to you.

If you have any questions, please contact us at mastermind@hopetorecharge.com,

Thank you for being a part of the Hope To Recharge community.