Opening the Box (Solo)

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As Matana celebrates a two year milestone and wishes a Happy Birthday to the Hope to Recharge podcast, she gives gratitude to those instrumental in those who offered support and guidance in its creation. Although the microphone for the podcast was purchased many many months prior, she couldn’t get the first step in opening the box and it laid on the side for some time. Through perseverance and hand holding, she took that initial step to open the box, despite her fears, anxiety and doubt.

Finding Fulfillment with Core Values (Dr. John Demartini)

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Dr. John Demartini’s books and podcasts taught me a tremendous about the law of attraction and living with gratefulness and changed how I view life and he shares his insight on the topic of core values, which are the vales that are most important to each of us. For some, this is learning or respecting others’ time or not being wasteful. For others, it may be teaching, being present in the moment, generosity or spontaneous fun. Each person is has a different set of core values as life is not black and white and there are many shades of gray and colors. Besides most universally accepted divine laws such as, “Murder is bad,” there are no universal values, as everyone has a different focus which they bring to the table.

Identifying Core Values for Self Awareness (Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell)

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Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell shares her story of choosing to let her core values lead her life, even when others don’t understand. She was unwed until her 40’s because she would not settle for a marriage that did not align with her values. Because of this experience, much of her work has been about helping others thrive as a single person.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (Dr. Chaya Lieba Kobernick)

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Dr. Kobernick is a licensed clinical psychologist and the Founder and Director of The CBT/DBT Center. DBT stands for Dialectical Behavior Therapy which is a “behavior therapy”. She helps patients target behaviors in order to affect how they are feeling. The additional layer here is Dialectics – which is a type of philosophy that states that there are always multiple truths and more than one way of looking at something in our world. This is important because it helps us to see the grays rather than getting stuck in the black and white.

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