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Meg Rowley is a seasoned therapist specializing in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). With over a decade of clinical experience, Meg brings a wealth of knowledge, compassion and dedication to helping individuals navigate the complexities of borderline personality disorder (BPD) with her experience, insight and practical advice.

As a firm believer in empowerment and resilience, Meg’s expertise provides invaluable insights and tools for understanding and managing BPD by exploring the role of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) in treatment, the challenges of phone coaching, and the evolution of DBT over time.

Meg explains the origins of BPD, the impact of trauma, and the intersection of BPD with other mental health conditions and sheds light on reducing stigma, supporting loved ones with BPD, and the transformative potential of individuals with this diagnosis to demystify BPD and offer hope and understanding.

If you need more support in your mental health journey we offer free 30-minute fitting calls for our coaching program. You do not have to walk through your mental health struggle alone. Because as always, together is better! There is no substitute for a listening ear. Get Your Free 30 Minute Consultation Today.


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