Year One: Documenting Postpartum Depression (Erin Bagwell)

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When I heard Erin Bagwell share her perspective on her experience with Postpartum Depression (PPD), I knew I had to have her on the show. In this powerful and raw episode, we discuss our own experiences with mental health in early motherhood and what new moms often go through.

Can Empathy Heal? (Solo)

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In this powerful solo episode, we hear a story of a daughter’s disappointment and how her mother makes space for that pain, with love and without judgement. Matana tells us how her daughter so badly wanted to travel abroad for a family wedding but due to covid travel restrictions, was unable to. Like so many facing mild or severe disappointments, regardless of the level of challenge, being there to help another person in pain can be daunting.

Healing from BPD with Mindfulness (Hannah Galliers)

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Hannah Galliers has navigated through her journey with Borderline Personality Disorder, known in the United Kingdom as Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD). Although Hannah’s official diagnosis with BPD was recent, she has been on a healing journey through meditation and mindfulness practices and other therapies for several years.

Being the Parent of a Child Battling Mental Illness (Avremi Gourarie)

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On December 22, 2020, 24 year old Yocheved Gourarie took her own life. Yocheved was a kind and thoughtful person. Loved by all. She was a top student, always maintaining perfect grades in school and at the time of her passing, was in the process of applying to PHD nursing programs. Posthumously, the family learned that she was accepted at Columbia University in their DNP program on track to becoming a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Unfortunately, her battle with mental illness raged, and she succumbed to it, not having fulfilled her dreams.

Breaking the Stigma on Teen Mental Health – A Teacher Speaks Out (Tammy Ozolins)

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Tammy Ozolins is an extraordinary teacher. She returns to tell us of how teachers face an uphill battle in the field, boots on the ground, in the daunting challenge of helping teens who suffer with mental illness. She chooses to highlight the importance of being a friend to a student rather than a disciplinarian. In one instance, this technique resulted in a 6th grade student confiding to her years later, that her support drove him to not only graduate, but to join the marine corps with pride in who he was and what he became.

The Aftermath of Suicide Pursuit – Aliza Bulow (PART 1)

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We are joined in this first of two episodes, with Aliza Bulow to talk about suicide awareness. Aliza shares the story of her young son, Doni, who was determined to accomplish his lifelong request of dying by suicide. She gives us insight from a parent that lives with someone with depression and a desire for death by suicide.

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