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Joe Brikman joins us to share with us how he has come to thrive, despite adversity. As a boy, he was sexually abused by a female babysitter and at the age of 12, shortly after he told his parents, his father was diagnosed with cancer. Joe was sent off to a boarding school where, no matter his accomplishments, it seemed he could never live up to their strict expectations. This, combined with the flashbacks and issues he was dealing with, made him feel hopeless, and he attempted suicide on his 14th birthday.

After repeated negative experiences, Joe adopted a negative outlook on life, himself and his own abilities. He began expecting things to go poorly, and they did. To combat this, Joe went through years of EMDR and other therapies to deal with his trauma, but he still suffers from depression. He has learned ways of predicting and coping with episodes of depression.

In every realm of life, mental health, business, relationships or others, the tool to accomplish our goals is consistency. If we put a structure in place when feeling great, follow the plan even when we feel awful. If we feel that we are failing, change our definition of that word. In business, failure isn’t not closing a deal. Failure would be, not following through with our plan to make 5 phone calls every day. Failure would be, not being willing to learn from our mistakes. Failure is, not trying something different when what we’re doing isn’t working. We can’t succeed if we give up.

If we aren’t living authentically, we aren’t giving the world what we actually have to offer, and the world will be missing out on who we were really created to be. When I choose my priorities carefully and somebody feels neglected, instead of apologizing to them for not calling them back immediately, I place a positive focus by thanking them for having patience as they wait to hear from me. When an apology is needed for something done that wasn’t intentionally malicious, we  can find ways to thank that other person, and bring positivity into the situation instead of focusing on the negative and downplaying my good decision.

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“When you’re laser-focused on your mission, these things just make you laugh. Like when someone steals [your copy], you’ll laugh because you know that you’re the only you in the world. They can’t copy you. They can copy your copy, but they can’t copy you. You’re the unique you with your mission and your drive is different from theirs. So you’re going to end up in a different place.” @MatanaJacobs #HopetoRecharge

“Find things that you benefit from. Just because you’re benefiting from something doesn’t mean it’s a trade-off.” @JoeBrikman @MatanaJacobs #HopetoRecharge

“Hope is the possibility of a better today.” @JoeBrikman @MatanaJacobs #HopetoRecharge


Topics Discussed

  • Dealing with childhood trauma
  • Coping ahead with depression
  • Consistency and success
  • Failure
  • Replacing apologies with thankfulness


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