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Giselle van Lux, based in Berlin, Germany, is blessed from birth with the unique ability to see and feel energy, in words, both  thought or spoken and can transform energies in seconds for an uplifting personal growth. This gift enables her to directly “read” energy signatures. She works as a consciousness coach, helping clients work on their energies and realize the power of words in order to manifest the best versions of themselves .

Energy, frequency, vibration, thoughts and words, among many other things: how can these concepts actually transform the way a person lives? In this episode, join Matana and Giselle van Lux as they explore the holistic world and its core concepts. Giselle’s unique ability to sense energies from words sets the tone as they delve into important practices such as fine-tuning one’s frequency, balancing one’s energy through connection to words, and not giving energy to one’s fears, all while emphasizing the role of awareness in the process.

In the end, we are encouraged to approach our lives with greater awareness, intentionality, and a deeper connection to our words and the essence of everything around us.

Topics Discussed:

  1. Defining energy as part of the spiritual holistic world
  2. Fine-tuning one’s frequency and sharing your energy to others
  3. Awareness and taking responsibility for your own energy
  4. Balancing one’s energy through awareness and connection to words
  5. The practice of not giving energy to your fears

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