In last week’s journey inwards (click here to read), we spoke about wearing the lens of compassion and kindness, before we opened the box of old wounds which lay within us.
Before we proceed, let’s commend ourselves on first making in THIS far. Taking a peek inwards is no easy feat. In fact, many of us would rather avoid it at ALL costs because truth be told, it’s not for the feint hearted. Healing has a bold character to it. At first, taking a glance inwards seems rather scary and dark. Our wounds ALWAYS appear bigger than who we truly are. But when we spend some time within, infusing our inner atmospheres with gentleness, kindness and compassion, we realise that they’re just wounds, clothed in wolves skins – or at least, that’s how our minds have dressed them up to be! Behind the sharp and edged teeth often lay a younger version of ourselves, waiting to be heard, seen and loved..
Now that we’re wearing the lens of kindness and compassion, let’s open the box right in front of us. If you feel any slight bit of inner resistance against this action, know that you’re on the right track. I’m here right beside you to acknowledge that this is HARD, but do remember that HARD does not equal impossible. Gently lift the lid. It may feel tightly closed, so it’s perfectly okay to exert some pressure to allow the lid to fall off..
Now, breathe. The box may look dark from the outside. In fact, it looks like there’s quite a few things to unpack within it. This is a box of grace, not torture and suffering. Let’s approach it with curiosity, rather than judgement. This is a practice of the heart, not just the mind.
When you’re ready, dip your hand inside. Feel the edges of what lay within. What is the texture like? Is it warm or cold? Again, let’s breathe.
You’re doing a great job!
When you pull out the first item, you may find something which resembles a dense, dark ball. Pain often takes on such qualities. Hold it for just a second and offer it your presence and compassion. It may feel sticky, or even sharp, depending on the unique pain you may be carrying. Let’s infuse this current moment with deep love. When we offer the ‘ball of pain’ love , we learn to slowly alchemise it and change its properties. Remember to maintain a stance of curiosity, rather than judgement. When you hold the pain, what memories pop up? Perhaps you feel like crying now, or feel the urge to put it back and forget about this all..
Acknowledge your braveness.
It takes SO much courage to seek higher ground.
Through presence, compassion and gentleness, slowly but surely, you’ll begin to notice the ball getting lighter. Perhaps it’s colour has also changed from a deep black to more of a luminous hue. What lay under the heaviness which it presents on the outside?
Maybe what you’re looking at is the younger, hurt, vulnerable and curious version of yourself.
Now is the time to spend some valuable and honest time with him/her..
Let’s pay attention to what she has to say…
(Stay tuned for our weekly series on how to make space for pain – entering the dark territories of our inner wounds)

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