Growing After Parental Hoarding (Margy Feldhuhn)

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Margy’s father committed suicide and her struggle with his mental health symptoms didn’t end with his death. He was a hoarder. Margy, as his only child, was thrust into the role of going through her parents’ house after he passed. She was the one who had to hire help and a dumpster and motivate her mother to go through her belongings every single day until the house was cleaned out.

Chazkeinu: Past, Present & Future

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You might know someone with mental illness. Maybe it’s you; maybe a family member or friend. But it is someone you wish to see get better. You’ve seen them suffer, even while in treatment. Perhaps you have suffered as well. You wish there was another way for them to find help and hope in the darkness. Chazkeinu was created to offer that additional support to Orthodox Jewish women living with mental illness.

Will You Be 1 of 25? (Solo)

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As we work on ourselves, we sometimes find that doing it alone is not enough. In this episode, Matana shares some of the details on the upcoming 2021 Heal with Gold & Gratefulness retreat and what we can expect. For the lucky 25 women selected to join, this retreat will be chock-full of tools, tips and techniques towards the path of healing, self motivation, sharing and inspiration.

Borderline Personality Disorder: The Road After Discovery (Debbie DeMarco Bennett)

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In 2010, Debbie DeMarco Bennett learned that she had borderline personality disorder, (BPD) was in and out of psychiatric hospitalizations, frequently threatening suicide, unable to keep a job and her relationships were very hot and very cold. Having grown up in the foster care system and being placed in group homes she had been working with her psychiatrist and therapist at the health organization Kaiser, where she received her diagnosis of BPD. Her psychiatrist introduced her to Dialectical Behavior Therapy, (DBT), and after she enrolled into treatment, she realized that she was not crazy, but rather, was just someone who felt deeply, intensely, and never really learned how to manage when difficulty surfaced.

Can Empathy Heal? (Solo)

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In this powerful solo episode, we hear a story of a daughter’s disappointment and how her mother makes space for that pain, with love and without judgement. Matana tells us how her daughter so badly wanted to travel abroad for a family wedding but due to covid travel restrictions, was unable to. Like so many facing mild or severe disappointments, regardless of the level of challenge, being there to help another person in pain can be daunting.

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