Mistakes in Communication (Solo)

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We are human and are always evolving, growing and learning. Many times, we don’t communicate what we are feeling. We often neglect those close to us and lack the skills of how to effectively communicate. Sometimes, our biases feed our agenda and we take other for granted, not recognizing  what they do for us and misdirect our mindset due to misunderstanding.

Are Your Excuses Reasons or Reasons Excuses? (Solo)

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Often, we confuse our excuses to be reasons and our reasons to be excuses. We are often certain that the excuse is really a defining reason for us, but we fear it because it might force us to work on something we really don’t want to, or face an issue we’d rather not deal with. if we really, truly want to change our lifestyle to move out of a rut, whether mental health, relationships, trying to attract more positivity in our lives, we need to ask the basic question, how much do we really want that change?

Does Eating Turkey Give You Power? (Solo)

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As the Holiday of Thanksgiving 2021 is upon us, we can harness its energy and message. Gratitude is an essential gift for harnessing and focusing our innate power and allows us to grow and gift to others. Thanksgiving is a holiday that encompasses the idea into a concrete moment, allowing us to reflect on our blessings, recognize them and appreciate them.

Chazkeinu: Past, Present & Future

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You might know someone with mental illness. Maybe it’s you; maybe a family member or friend. But it is someone you wish to see get better. You’ve seen them suffer, even while in treatment. Perhaps you have suffered as well. You wish there was another way for them to find help and hope in the darkness. Chazkeinu was created to offer that additional support to Orthodox Jewish women living with mental illness.

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