I grew up in Israel with 5 siblings and although our home was filled with love and joy, the stress of growing up in extreme poverty constantly took its toll. My parents chose to only spend money on basic necessities, and a used, worn, hand me down pair of shoes was a luxury for me. There was little investment into physical and material items. Spending money on a new pair of shoes was simply not an option we could afford. But when depression and anxiety hit me a few decades later, I learned the true value of the wise investment of spending on myself.

Many of us have financial plans for ourselves and our children but we often forget that without a bigger investment in ourselves first, our goals will have reduced potential. Growth from inner work, causes a ripple effect that affect all of our relationships, homes, parenting and our peace and joy. This investment into our self directly relates to the impact we can make to every area of our life.

While I was shackled to the grasp of intense depression and anxiety, I was determined to try MORE. Some medical professionals renounced my fate to forever being dependent on medication and attending therapy, but deep down I knew that I would find something that would work for me. Healing opportunities are vast, and offer a range of possibilities for those who are willing to step into their “MORE”.

When things aren’t working, don’t be afraid to try something new.

I needed to make difficult financial, physical and emotional choices, all in a effort to try to heal. For me, this meant taking loans out to afford paying for recurring items that might improve my mental health, and with no guarantees. It meant I had to try everything and anything because if I didn’t move forward to try, then in reality, I was slipping backwards. I’d need to pay for yoga classes, retreats, therapy and invest in mentor-ship programs & coaches. It would mean uprooting my family, moving to a new State, simply to explore the possibility of a better and healthier self in a new environment. I worked with unconventional healers around the world, with initial skepticism that later turned to confidence, both virtual and in person. I tried different modalities of therapy. Noted “Park Avenue” psychiatrists held my hand, prescribing different medications for me. I was steadfast and determined to try to heal and thank G-d, I turned the corner. I’ve been off psychiatric medication for nine years. It’s not just me. My repeated revolutionary attempts to fight for better mental health don’t have to be unique to me alone. The very same possibilities exist for you too, regardless of who you are or what you’re struggling with.

The investment in ourselves is never wasted.

If G-d forbid, I had been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, I would probably do anything to invest in my physical health, just to live a more fulfilling and enriching life. Why should our mental health be any different? My intention was clear. My goal was not “total and instant” recovery. The deep truth is, considering the debilitating state of poor mental health, a 2% progress is a monumental win, and small, repeated and frequent improvements helped me bring home the gold to a medication free recovery.

Learn from the Great ones.

What makes great leaders thrive? Often, they’re not inherently brilliant or possess the needed skills. They’re not always in tip-top form or self-assured that nothing can touch them. What makes them great and thrive, is that despite their struggles with self-doubt, insecurity and moments of weakness, they invest in themselves. There are many benefits to investing in yourself. Research shows them to have better peace of mind, better physical health and well being, more enriching relationships with others, a renewed sense of life and living, feeling more purposeful, clarity and internal awareness and most importantly, joy.

We all deserve joy! I delicately use the word joy because it is a seemingly unreachable goal that is so elusive and a struggle to attain. Know this: with work and determination, joy is possible. I want this for you as desperately as I wanted it for myself back then. I know that if it was possible for me, if you put in the effort, practice the steps needed along with consistent work, then it’s possible for you too.

Don’t be afraid of the journey.

Sometimes we may reach a point where we cannot go on as we once did. Something must change. However, change can be frightening without the right guidance or tools. What separates who you can become and who you are now, is your willingness to change, to learn more and invest in a better future for yourself. We have to be willing to figure out what works for us. If not, we will stay stuck in the present, and build a home there, without growing. Once we leave land and embrace the ocean, we can allow ourselves to be carried by the waves, which are full of possibility and renewal.

  • Your willingness to try something new, is the beginning of a new you.
  • Your willingness to say YES to yourself will shift something inside you and you will forever be thankful.
  • I’m glad I said “Yes” to myself back then, even when my mind screamed,”No!”.
  • I said Yes, because deep down I knew that I’m capable of more.
  • I said Yes, because I knew that my mind only knows so much and that I couldn’t fully trust it.
  • I said Yes, because I believed that there was more to me than what I was going through.

And I was right.

To this day, I still choose to invest into myself, through mentorship and programs that guide me through my own journey. Learning and growing is ongoing and rewarding.

Today, I invite you to say YES to yourself. The Ignite Your Life Retreat, hosted by both Miriam Grunhaus and myself this January, is an opportunity for us to help guide YOU.

We have all the right healing tools to remind you of YOUR MORE.

The retreat will take place in an intimate setting. Kosher nutritious meals will be provided. Aside from the workshops, there will be fire pit conversations with live music, yoga, meditation (no matter your level of ability), You’ll also meet others who want to change their lives for the better and create special bonds with them. Miriam Grunhaus (from Mikah Fashion and the author of ‘Heal with Gold’) and I, are committed to give you an incredible, uplifting experience. You will do a hands-on Kintsugi workshop that will be transformative. I will lead a gratitude workshop that will set firm lifetime principles in place, to help us grow and heal. Come, join me, hang out with us. Let’s do this together!

Don’t regret investing into Yourself.

This is an investment into your greatest and highest self – something which you will never regret because the benefits are not simply for the weekend of the retreat alone, but forever.

If we are to live in true joy and peace, then we can’t deny the significance of every baby step taken towards greatness and healing. We must invest into ourselves.

Take action now and improve your life.

As a Chanukah Gift during the Holiday of Miracles, why not choose to bring light into your life by investing in yourself? We’re so used to giving gifts to others and I believe in the power and virtue of gifting ourselves too!

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