You deserve the time & The Tools

Join the Ignite your Life retreat for a 3 day transformative experience that will help you face stress or anxiety to be able to deal with life’s adversities.
By investing in yourself, you will learn new tools and techniques to help you get to where you want to be to be able to start your year with focus, motivation, inspiration, personal growth, feeling emotionally better and be able to live life, joining a community of like minded individuals.

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Get the tools you need to blaze a new path forward​

Healthier Mind

With the right “frequency” of gratefulness, positive mindset and thinking, you can improve your relationships, work, abundance, clarity, vision and leave with a concrete actionable plan to be able to navigate your forward moving path.

Road Map for the Future

You will absorb, internalize and acquire these techniques and be empowered to make them a permanent part of the new you on your journey.

Learn New Tools & Skills

Your will leave with a concrete actionable plan to be able to navigate your forward moving path. Our authentic, caring and defined road map will allow you to take home positive feelings of calmness and introspection, empowered that your continuing work, gratitude, growth and happiness is possible.

Real Testimonials from Real People

“With Miriam’s help I was able to see my life from a different perspective and realize where I could make considerate changes. She helped me implement and stay accountable to my goals and my life began to change. My gratitude goes beyond words. I am still a work in progress and I am happy to have her support.”

“While reading the Heal with Gold book, two things happened: I learned about kintsugi and I learned about the concept of ‘survivor to thriver’. As I read each chapter, I had moments of “Huh, that sounds like me…” I was especially interested in the process to gain more patience, paying attention, and having gratitude. This is definitely a FEEL GOOD book.”

“This book is simply amazing. There is so much wisdom and gratitude and joy to be found within these pages. I’m so happy I found this book. I listen to the author’s interviews on Facebook and each person she speaks to is more inspirational than the next. That’s what we need more of these days, inspiration and resilience. We need to learn how to get up fast after falling down and the tools in this book are essential for learning how to do that. Honestly, we need it now more than ever.”

“After having a double mastectomy I saw my body full of scars. I felt inadequate, broken, I felt I lost who I was. When I bought your dress I read the tag and literally broke down in tears. They made me see my scars from a different perspective, made me feel like a human again. The dress empowers me, it makes me stronger. You probably don’t have any idea the impact you are making with your message, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“Matana has been a precious ‘gift’ to me. Her empathy, advice, and her inspirational perspectives have enhanced my life tremendously. She doesn’t just talk about the topics that she’s passionate about, she personifies all her lessons and applies it in her own life. I am honored to have a close relationship with her. She is a role model to me in so many ways. Anyone who is in her presence and learns from her is extremely lucky.”
 Zahava List – Founder of Chazkeinu

“When I met Matana I was in a deep depression. All the traditional therapy and medication was not working. The Matana came along and she introduced me to and taught me positive affirmations and gratitude. It totally changed my life. I was like a different person I was able to recognize and enjoy the blessings in my life.”

“I write this letter with immense gratitude. I contacted you during a particularly challenging time in my life and, utilizing your signature personality and unique tools, you helped me find hope, faith and calm amidst the pain and fear. Thank you so much-continue inspiring and empowering others to be the best that they can be!”

“Matana Jacobs is truly a gift. Her knowledge of mental illness, her warmth, her caring, and her never ending support has helped me, and continues to help me, through some exceptionally difficult times!! Not only does she have a deep understanding of challenges that we have faced, not only does she have practical ideas to navigate the struggles, she also knows the right questions to ask.  I truly do not know how I would have navigated some of the situations which have presented in my life!”

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The Workshops That Will Change Your Life

Life Transformation

In this workshop, our surprise guest lecturer will teach the skills needed to set you on a path of transforming your mindset. Positive outlook, confidence, endurance and perseverance are a critical tool in accomplishing your goals.

The Japanese Art of Kintsugi Workshop

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the breaks with gold. The result is a stronger, more unique and valuable piece. Just like the art, we become more unique and stronger after we put our own personal pieces together. Miriam will lead this hands-on workshop where she will connect Kintsugi to the path to healing and create a clear visual to help us dealing with adversity.

Living with Gratitude Workshop

Gratitude is critical to positive thinking, recognizing the small and large gifts and identifying issues which hold us back from thriving. In this workshop with Matana, you be empowered with a new vision, promoting faster and longer lasting healing, without damaging negativity which we are so often faced with and define the difference between Gratitude and Gratefulness and learn to make ordinary moments extraordinary.

Gleaned from Real Life and First Hand Experience

Your Hosts:

Join your Hosts Miriam Grunhaus and Matana Jacobs on this jam packed, intimate and life transforming retreat designed to catapult 2022 into a year of growth, peace & healing. Our authentic approach includes mental rejuvenation and negativity detoxification to heal and restore the mind to its optimal health, while tools for stress reduction and lifestyle practices will help to improve your quality of life from within. It IS possible to regain a life with happiness, clarity, and emotional stability.

Miriam Grunhaus

After learning about Japanese Art of Kintsugi and feeling empowered by its message, Miriam decided that her brand would empower women to heal and find joy. Miriam has been the innovator behind Mikah Fashion a brand that used the clothing to spread a message of healing and acceptance of our imperfections. Miriam spent 3 years interviewing thrivers, people who had gone through tragedies but felt happy. The results were compiled into the best-selling book Heal with Gold. Miriam loves speaking in public , sharing her Kintsugi message, running workshops and empowering women to take action in order to heal from within, so they can flourish and live a joyful life.

Matana Jacobs

After B”H self recovering from a diagnosis of depression & anxiety, Matana launched the Hope to Recharge Podcast. Through her knowledge & first hand experience, she committed to pay it forward and devoted herself to helping people with compassion & empathy, by bringing awareness and break the stigma of depression and anxiety.

You will also have an opportunity to experience

Guided Meditation

Your hosts will introduce you to the art of hearing your own thoughts, breathing exercises and the ability to channel your vision

Optional Group Talks

Sharing from and hearing others is a crucial step to understanding that you are not alone. Together, we will peel back the layers that confine us and allow healing.

Yoga for All Levels

Yoga can be used to facilitate a healthy mind and healthy body. A structured class allows for learning proper technique and incorporate this into our daily routine.

Smoothies Workshop

Healthy eating is a sure fire way to improve your mindset, relax and be well nourished. We’ll cover smoothie creation basics with a nutritionist, choosing the right fruits and highlight the essential nutrition this tasty drink offers.

Firepit Conversations

The calmness of dusk allows us to hear ideas, thoughts and inspiring stories we can all gain from. These moments will be preserved in our minds eye, so that we may pull from their strength in the future.

Live Music & Quiet Time

The gentle or upbeat notes of musical acompanyment or the quietness to reflect are both options that can allow us to perceive, internalize and heal. Music can be used to transform our moods in a positive way.

Who Is This Retreat For?

This retreat is perfect for anyone who understands that life has its ups and downs and working on resiliency will be key to getting up faster. This retreat is also for anyone wanting to learn tools and techniques to feel less anxious, to figure out how to see the glass half full, who is ready to bring more moments of joy into their lives.

This retreat is perfect for those who understand that no one is coming to save them, that the challenges they have is theirs to resolve and they want the ability to withstand these hard moments in life.

If you are ready to work on your personal growth, if you want to find ways to live a more meaningful and purposeful life, you are a perfect fit for this retreat.

This retreat is for women only.

Retreat Facility in Cooper City, Florida

Space is limited to 25. Don't delay. Reserve your spot today.

The program includes an 3-day, 2 night residential retreat at our brand new facility, located in the Cooper City, Florida area.

Please note: Venue is subject to change.

Our beautiful retreat facility has 13 bedrooms. Each bedroom is equipped with two queen size beds. Each room has a private bathroom, it also includes: 

    • Intimate, Private Conference Room
    • Fresh Linens, & Towels
    • Calm & Serene Walking Trails nearby
    • Stunning Lakeside at the Property with Kayaks
    • Centrally Located near Shopping & Airport

Your all-inclusive package for the 3-day retreat features

    • Freshly Prepared, Kosher and delicious Catered Meals
    • Lodging
    • Full Access to All Sessions
    • 30 minute, 1 on 1 with Matana or Miriam During Downtime
    • Question & Answer Sessions
    • Specialized Workshops
    • Meditation and Mindfulness Sessions
    • Yoga
    • Live Music
    • Surprise gift
    • and more…

After the retreat you will leave feeling revitalized, both mentally and physically and will feel energized from the inside out. You will also bond with a group of like- minded women who will continue being cheerleaders and friends way beyond the retreat. 

Event Dates: January 9th - January 11, 2022

Save Now: Early Bird Pricing Ends November 27, 2021

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If you are ready to invest in yourself, your future and achieve the happiness you are looking for, don't delay. Taking action now is the first step to your better and brighter future

For Terms & Conditions of Sale, cancellations or refund policy, click here