Ep 40 – Breaking Free from Addiction and Learning the Power of Forgiveness with Tony Grebmeier

In 2008, Tony Grebmeier says that he almost lost everything. He had been struggling for years with addiction, was in severe debt, separated from his wife, and was considering taking his own life.

Ep 39 – “Mr. Thank You” John Israel (Attitude with Gratitude)

I first heard today’s guest on one of my favorite podcasts, The One Thing. They were interviewing a man named John Israel (AKA “Mr. Thank You”) and I loved the conversation so much I listened THREE times.

Ep 38 – Educating Young People About Mental Illness with Tammy Ozolins

After years of struggling with depression and manic episodes, Tammy Ozolins finally received the diagnosis of Bipolar Two with Rapid Cycling. As an educator, she has made the brave decision to talk publicly about her mental health journey in order to end the stigma and educate young people on the realities of mental health.

Ep 37 – Jump Start Your Year with Gratitude (Attitude with Gratitude)

This week is a special week in the Jewish community. We are celebrating our New Year and for me that means a time of intentional reflection. I like to take a moment this time of year to reflect on all the things I have to be grateful for.

Ep 36 – Relationship Magic: The Art of Creating a Magical Relationship with Guy Finley

I recently read a book, Relationship Magic, which was monumental in how I now view my personal relationships. It was an honor to be able to connect with the author of that book, Guy Finley on today’s episode of Hope to Recharge.

Ep 34 – Hug Therapy: A 21-Day Journey to Embracing Yourself, Your Life, and Everyone Around You with Dr. Stone Kraushaar

Can a hug make a difference in our mental health? What are “self-hugs”? What is it about physical touch that is so healing? Dr. Stone Kraushaar, also known as the “Hug Doctor” says that hugs can be a game-changer for our mental wellbeing and shares with us why we underestimate the power of a hug.

Ep 31 – Practicing Gratitude During Pain (Attitude with Gratitude)

Today my energy is a little low but I wanted to share with you something that I am currently going through. As you know I love the topic of gratitude but I am still learning how to implement it into my life especially during painful times.