Don’t Stop the Practice (Attitude of Gratitude)

We talk a lot on the show about practicing gratitude through the difficult times. However when gratitude WORKS (which it does!) What do we do then? Today on Attitude of Gratitude we talk about the importance of continuing our gratitude practice even when things are going well.

Intentional Gratitude with Heather Vickery (Attitude of Gratitude)

After experiencing a major transition in her personal life, our guest this week success coach and author Heather Vickery says that she discovered the power of gratitude. She learned that when she shifted her energy and made space for her emotions, things began to change in her life. This week we hear her story and learn more about this powerful tool that we all have access to.

Relieving Depression through Fiction with Xandra Robinson-Burns

There are many ways to find relief from depression. There are creative ways to cope with anxiety. As humans there is not a “one size fits all” approach to anything and especially in our mental wellness. This week we are talking all things mental health, creativity, and the power of surrender.

Thanksgiving Gratitude (Attitude of Gratitude)

Today marks six full months of podcasting! How appropriate that this special day falls not only on our Attitude of Gratitude segment but also on Thanksgiving Day. Today I am joined with our show’s producer, Heather Parady to talk about gratitude in podcasting, business, and in life.

Inspired by Gratitude (Attitude of Gratitude)

This week I am back in Jerusalem coming to you full of gratitude! I just attended a conference led by my eldest sister and the CEO of Temech, a powerful organization which supports female entrepreneurs. This week I was once again reminded of all that I have to be grateful for.

Navigating Postpartum Depression with Samantha Sutherland

No one can fully prepare you to be a mother. You not only have to navigate the logistics of taking care of another human but you may also experience an array of emotions and internal battles that new mothers face. Postpartum depression is often experienced but not spoken about …until now.

Be Happy First with Lauren Foster (Attitude of Gratitude)

How can we find happiness when we are told “no”? Maybe a client has turned down our service or perhaps we have been asking God for something specific and haven’t received it. How can we be grateful during times like this and find joy even in the midst of disappointment?

Mental Health for Entrepreneurs with Angela Henderson

If you or someone you know runs their own business you know how stressful and demanding it can be. Many entrepreneurs work excessive hours, do not get enough sleep, and suffer from high levels of stress. Since they are so invested in their business, it may be difficult for them to recognize the mental health issues that they may be facing.