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After receiving a devastating diagnosis, Avrom Jacobs only had a few short months to prepare for the passing of his wife. Today my uncle joins us to share about his experience in grief and how he and his wife were able to make difficult decisions quickly, all while saying goodbye to each other.

Uncle Avrom and I begin this conversation sharing about his close marriage to my Aunt Laura, a kind, smiling, brilliant Doctor with a passionate vision and a long list of accomplishments and degrees, and the beautiful life they shared and family they raised. My husband Ari and I have a beautiful, close history and precious memories with this couple, from the start of our dating, throughout our marriage and raising our own family, and they both made an indelible and profound impact on our lives and the lives of our children. It was an honor to get to sit down with him today and learn from his wisdom of experiencing and navigating through such a profound loss.

Since he and his wife were only given a few months to prepare for her passing, they quickly made decisions for their family, children and businesses. Uncle Avrom shares how they were able to put their emotions to the side and make practical decisions and why he urges families to prepare early so they are not left in the same position they were in.

We also discuss the inevitable questions that you ask God after losing someone and how you are able to move on in the midst of sadness. Uncle Avrom shares such practical wisdom that I know you will enjoy as much as I did.


Topics Discussed:

  • The practicalities of loss and not waiting on crisis to “get your papers in order”
  • The importance of keeping up with activities so that “grief doesn’t crush you”
  • Questions to God after losing someone you love.


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