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This week we are sharing the POWERFUL story of Zahava List, the co-founder of Chazkeinu an organization that provides peer support and resources for Jewish women struggling with mental illness. Zahava’s passion for mental wellness began from her own story which she graciously shares with us today.

After delivering her first child, a baby boy, Zahava started experiencing manic episodes along with dark depression. She later was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 and began her journey of recovery along with mothering three more children. She shares with us what is was like to be a new mother and struggle with this illness and how she navigated the ups and downs of these major life changes all at once.

In this episode, we not only hear her powerful story, but learn more about bipolar, why breaking stigma is so important, and why we need to lean into community and not suffer alone. We also find out how she used her struggles to find the courage not only for herself but for the countless amount of women that her organization reaches. Zahava provides so much hope to those who are struggling and we hope this episode encourages you that no matter what you may be suffering from, there is always hope.

Connect with Zahava and her Organization Chazkeinu:


Phone Number: 314-346-7414



Topics Discussed:

  • Why healing goes much deeper than symptoms simply “stopping”. 
  • Going through pregnancy and caring for an infant while dealing with mental illness.
  • How to find meaning from pain.