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I am excited to introduce you to consultant, project manager, runner, and listener of the show, Andreas Zapletal whom I recently got to know through a mutual networking group that we are in. I am so grateful that Andreas reached out after listening to the show and generously shared his own mental health story with me. After hearing it, I knew I wanted to introduce him to you because his story is one many of us can relate to.

Andreas says that he has dealt with forms of depression since childhood but it wasn’t until he endured the loss of a close friend that he really took a long look at his physical and mental health and knew that there needed to be massive changes. He then began the journey to get into physical shape and through that discovered that running also had a positive influence on his depressive symptoms. 

In this powerful conversation, Andreas shares with us about how through this process he learned that he was putting too much of his self-worth in his work and the importance of living with strong values and making your health and family as a priority. We also talk about the moment he had to have a difficult conversation with his daughter about his friends suidide and how that was a wake up call for him personally to pursue health. 

Andreas also encourages us to reach out to someone if we are struggling. If you need someone to talk to please do not hesitate to reach out to our Facebook community. Remember, together is better.

Topics Discussed:

  • The importance of keeping stress levels at a manageable point.
  • How to find purpose through tragedy.
  • How to honor giving a loved one “space” but also being “there” for them. 

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