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It is no secret that I love the subject of gratitude. However, after recently going through a meditation led by our guest this week, David Scheiner, I realized that there was another level that I wanted to take my meditation and gratitude practice.

David is a chiropractor who not only helps align others physically but also mentally and spiritually. From a young age, he says that he has always been fascinated by the spiritual and able to maintain a state of “calm”. He now helps others tune in and find inner peace despite the stressors that life may throw their way.

In today’s episode, David shares with us why he believes that there is a “still” pond inside all of us and how we can become the “silent observer” to the stressors in our lives. He also talks about how meditation equips us with the “space of freedom” to fully accept others and those around us and find the “gift” in suffering.

David also leads us through a POWERFUL meditation that left me almost speechless at the end. If you struggle with overwhelming anxiety or wonder hope you can find hope in seemingly hopeless situations, this episode is FOR you! Let us know what you think by connecting with us on our Facebook group, because as always, together is better.

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Topics Discussed:

  • How to be calm and remain in the moment.
  • How to find peace and purpose in suffering.
  • The power of the present moment.