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This week we are revisiting an old episode from last year because I find this interview to be so powerful that I wanted to bring it back to all of you. I had the special honor of connecting with Anne Moss, a mother, author, and founder of  Emotionally Naked, a blog dedicated to her late son Charles Aubrey Rogers, who lost his life to suicide.

In this vulnerable interview, Anne recounts the last few years of her son’s life and shares openly with us about his mental health and drug addiction struggles that ultimately lead to his death by suicide. Anne graciously talks about the vivid facts that many of us shy away from, including the stigma that families face when in crisis to mental health, and the lack of support when dealing with drug addiction.

Anne’s book Diary of a Broken Mind, comes out in October of this year, and we will have her on again to share more tips and resources to those who have a loved one who is struggling or a loved one they have lost. But first, we wanted to shares Charles’s story and let you know that whether you are struggling yourself or if you have a loved one who is, you are not alone. We will break the stigma, one story at a time, and as always, together is better.




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Connect with Anne: 


Topics Discussed:

  • Where the term “committed suicide” comes from
  • The importance of listening.
  • How to find support and not feel alone during a crisis.



  • “Finding Support was the most important step that I took.” @AnneMoss @MatanaJacobs #HopetoRecharge
  • “The hallmark of addiction is a lot of lies and manipulation.” @AnneMoss @MatanaJacobs #HopetoRecharge
  • “I wrote my way through grief.” @AnneMoss @MatanaJacobs #HopetoRecharge
  • “Just Listen.” @AnneMoss @MatanaJacobs #HopetoRecharge
  • “This has been a brutal journey but I’ve gotten through bit because I’ve sought support.” @AnneMoss @MatanaJacobs #HopetoRecharge
  • “Our culture is sick. The biggest issue is connection and that’s something that we can do something about.” @AnneMoss @MatanaJacobs #HopetoRecharge
  • “No one talks about suicide.”@AnneMoss @MatanaJacobs #HopetoRecharge


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Suicide Hotlines:

USA: 1-800-273-8255
USA Crisis (Text): 741-741
Canada: 1-833-456-4566
United Kingdom: 116-123
Australia: 13-11-14
International Suicide Hotlines:


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