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After losing her husband, Maria Quiban decided to offer her story through her powerful book, You Can’t Do It Alone, where she shares insights on how to navigate grief as a caregiver and find the support that will carry you through your darkest of times.

Her book gave me so much clarity in my journey of learning about grief, and I am excited to introduce you to Maria, who is a successful meteorologist, mother, and has a powerful story that you will not soon forget.

Today we talk about why Maria and her husband were honest from the very beginning with their young three-year-old son about the fatal cancer diagnosis that his father had. She shares with us how we as parents can navigate difficult conversations with children in a language that they will understand. She also retells a powerful story about advice that Joe Biden gave her about his experience with grief.

We dig into the grief of receiving a diagnosis,  how we can hold on to hope through pain, and what it looks like to balance ‘hoping for the best’ and letting go. Maria also gives fantastic insight on how to be a support to a loved one who is passing all why finding support as a caregiver so you are not left depleted.

Maria shares that this journey is one that she can look back on with gratitude and we hope that as you navigate your own grief journey her words bring you hope. If you are looking for a community to lock arms with please find us in our private Facebook group, Hope to Recharge. As always, together is better.

Grab Maria’s Book You Can’t Do It Alone:

Topics Discussed:

  • How to talk to your kids about death
  • Navigating the difficulty of being a caregiving for someone who is passing
  • How to pause during pain and choose joy


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