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This week, I share with you another powerful book that has helped transform the way that I practice gratitude and use gratitude to shift my energy. The book is called Gratitude Worksby Robert Emmons. Even if you already practice gratitude his research and practical tips will help take you the next LEVEL.

We talk about the importance of being specific with what you are grateful for, how you can elaborate on your gratitude to find new things to be grateful for and really FEEL happiness in the small things. I highly recommend that you check out this incredible resource.

Every Thursday, we encourage you to welcome gratitude in your life. There is so much research about gratitude and there is never enough material about it. Please head over to our Facebook group and let us know what you are grateful for and if you get a chance to read this book what your thoughts are. Join our group here:

Resources mentioned:

Gratitude Works by Robert Emmons:

Topics Discussed:

Why we should “set an intention” when practicing gratitude.

Why we should “elaborate” when practicing gratitude.

How gratitude helps us get out of a rut