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How do you handle depression and anxiety when you travel? What about when there are major life changes and you feel alone? How can you lean on others and use gratitude to pull you through some of the darkest of times?

This week I had the honor of connecting with mental health advocate, actor, artist, and comedian, Mari Stracke. I first discovered her on Instagram (@MariStracke) and fell in love with the work that she was doing around mental health. What struck me the most was how open she was about her struggles.

In our interview, Mari shares with us incredible tips like how she uses heat, writing letters to herself, and even chocolate to cope with her depression and anxiety. We also talk about the importance of identifying your support system and why taking tiny steps everyday matters. Mari shares that she has never had shame asking for help and we hope that this episode encourages you to connect with someone who can support you on this journey. Because as always, together is better.

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Topics Discussed:

  • How to deal with depression and anxiety during travel.
  • How loved ones can show support to someone dealing with depression and anxiety.
  • Tools you can add to your “toolbox” to cope with depression and anxiety.