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Today, I wanted to discuss giving gratitude to the people who formed us. We have to remember where we came from and how we became who we are. Yes, we become who we are because of the circumstances and events in our lives, but we are really shaped by the PEOPLE in our lives. This episode I want to dedicate to my parents and mentor Rachel.

My parents were huge influences in my life specifically on the importance of giving gratitude. Every time I participate in an act of gratitude I think of them. They always believed in me and my five siblings and they gave us the courage to shine in our own way. They expressed gratitude in everything and instilled in us the importance of being thankful. So much so it became a part of our DNA.

I also wanted to highlight my mentor Rachel. For years she has believed in me and encouraged me to be fully myself. Even when things were sometimes hard to hear she spoke the truth and I always knew that she loved me. She formed who I am today and gave me confidence.

On a separate note, we hit a big milestone this week by hitting the top 200 podcasts out of all categories in iTunes! A big “thank you” to all of our listeners! This milestone is surreal! What mine is yours so without all of your reviews and ratings we could not have done it. Everything we do is together.

Today’s gratitude shoutouts:


My parents

Rachel Dvir

Topics Discussed:

  • How my parents taught me about gratitude.
  • The importance of being grateful for relationships.
  • Why we should not discount the impact one person can make.