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Does gratitude REALLY make a difference? Do our lives truly improve through the daily practice of being thankful? Our guest for today’s segment of Attitude with Gratitude, Vismaya Rubin, says that it absolutely does and shares with us her personal story of how gratitude has shifted her life and given her a deep passion for helping others in finding the power of gratitude in their own life.

Vismaya is the founder of Living Gratitude Today and she shares with us her method of using “Gratitude CPR” to overcome difficult circumstances or to just give a positive boost to our day. The formula she gives is super practical and will be something that you can practice anywhere and everywhere to immediately experience the power of gratitude in your own life.

She also shares her story of growing up with and caring for her mother who suffered from bipolar and how she has even found gratitude through acts of service and caring for loved ones. We talk about the power of writing down what you are grateful for, how being present in the “now” is so powerful, and how we can literally retrain our brain to FIND the good by using Vismaya’s Gratitude CPR method. This is such a powerful episode that I know you will learn so much from! Please be sure to connect with us in our private Facebook group and let us know what you are grateful for. Because as always, together is better!

Resources Mentioned:

Gratitude Works:

Connect with Vismaya  and Living with Gratitude Today:

Topics Discussed:

How can we use gratitude CPR in difficult times?

How to change moments of service into moments of gratitude.

The importance of being in the “now” and how that shifts our perspective.