Sex & Intimacy in the Orthodox Jewish Community: What’s working, What’s not working & What needs to change (Talli Rosenbaum)

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Talli Rosenbaum, an individual, couples and certified sex therapist, who deals mainly with human relationships, and in particular, intimate relationships, joins us in this eye opening episode that confronts a controversial topic that needs exploration. Suppressed and overt traumas of all kinds can be often be triggered and revealed in intimate and personal sexual situations. Even more, one’s first sexual experience in of itself, can be perceived as a traumatic event, if conversation, mutual expectations, assumptions and desires are not properly addressed in advance.

It’s Called Manifesting… Look It Up (Anna Przy)

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Anna Przy, (Anna Przybylski) is a wife, business owner and humorous social media personality who juggles and struggles life with mental health challenges. Having been diagnosed with Anorexia, ADHD and depression, she channels her creativity into entertaining and engaging media content, to provide humor and help those who need a lift from the problems we all face.

Not Everyone Understands (Solo)

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We welcome summer in with happiness and optimism at whats to come. Coming out of our series on Marriage & Relationships and looking forward, we still hear and see many who do not understand the what the struggles with mental health means and how demanding and dominating it can be on ourselves and those whom we love. Some of us are alienated by those who we considered friends and others are pushed back into stigma.

How We Did It & What’s Next (Solo)

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As Hope to Recharge completes its 3rd year and 200th episode, we take a moment to recognize past achievements and accomplishments and give gratitude to those who helped reach this milestone. Although the journey of healing was treacherous and laden with the possibility of defeat, we continue to discuss and practice the essential tools that allow us to move forward each day.

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