Mental Health Awareness Month: Does Awareness Help? (Solo)

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Coming back from Passover break, we catch up on Matana’s journey, and the internal changes seen over the past few weeks. May is crowned National Mental Health Awareness month, but is it enough to just have it marked in a calendar? Growth and appreciation are a constant and required focus to continue along the journey of recovery and noticing the little details are a critical tool to developing a healthy gratitude mindset. Awareness can be fickle if it isn’t well defined and intended for long term internalization.

The Heartbeat of Life (Solo)

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As Matana faces different hectic life events, she navigates from important to more important. Often, we neglect important items for things that are more important, and that’s ok. Feeling unaccomplished or missing out on goals can often lead to disappointment but we need to also focus on downtime. Critically important for maintaining proper mental health, taking the time we need to reflect, relax or focus is also needed for continued energy.

Measuring Success by Frequency, Duration & Intensity (Solo)

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We’re human an are programmed to want things in our life. Some people want happiness, others seek weight loss, better sleep, reducing stress, financial success or a healthy mindset. We yearn and it often consumes us. When we receive that which we so desperately seek, how do we react? Do we utilize gratitude? Many of us do, but is the gratitude expressed, proportionate to the intensity of the original yearning?

The Home Run Formula Using Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) Therapy (Jason Wasser)

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Jason Wasser is a healer therapist who practices the neuro-emotional technique. A licensed marriage and family therapist, he is one of only a few thousand licensed NET practitioners in the country and a mind-body integrative wellness specialist. His knowledge about the mind-body connection and how to move past traditional talk therapy through trauma muscle testing is extensive.

Revisiting Finding Support in your Mental Health Journey (Solo) Part 3

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Sometimes it is difficult for those that are the closest to you to fully understand what you are going through. It can even be stressful because they may not have the language to support you the way they wish they could and they also might feel overwhelmed because they are carrying the weight of your struggles.

Breaking Free of Child Anxiety and OCD (Dr. Eli Lebowitz)

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Children with OCD and anxiety need their parents to understand that they feel terrified. They need their parents to express confidence in their ability to face their fears. What they don’t need is for their parents to do everything for them when they’re afraid because over time, they will need to learn how to deal with their fears when their parents aren’t around. Dr. Lebowitz’s book, Breaking Free of Child Anxiety and OCD: A Scientifically Proven Program for Parents, provides a roadmap for how parents can successfully guide their children to overcome their fears.

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