Ep 11 – Tips on How to Cope with Borderline Personality Disorder With Paul Sokol

Do you or someone you love suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)? In today’s episode, I had the honor of sitting down with entrepreneur, and music enthusiast, Paul Sokol as he generously shares with us about his experiences with BPD and how it has affected him both professionally and personally. 

Ep 9 – Coping with Depression and Anxiety and Taking on Travel at the Same Time with Mari Stracke

How do you handle depression and anxiety when you travel? What about when there are major life changes and you feel alone? How can you lean on others and use gratitude to pull you through some of the darkest of times?

Ep 7 – A Neuroscientist’s Personal Mental Health Journey with Dr. Selena Bartlett

Can your brain CHANGE? Do we have the power to rewire unhealthy patterns, reverse years of bad habits, and create a new future for ourselves? Our guest this week says that we can and that our brains are MUCH more powerful than we could even imagine.