Ep 20 – Gratitude: Remembering Where You Came From (Attitude with Gratitude)

Today, I wanted to discuss giving gratitude to the people who formed us. We have to remember where we came from and how we became who we are. Yes, we become who we are because of the circumstances and events in our lives, but we are really shaped by the PEOPLE in our lives. This episode I want to dedicate to my parents and mentor Rachel.

Ep 14 – In Loving Memory Of My Dear Cousin Dr. Avigail Rock (Attitude with Gratitude)

Can you find gratitude in the midst of grief? 

This week, on my birthday, my first cousin Avigail lost her battle to cancer, leaving behind a husband and five children. She was a brilliant woman and we will miss her terribly.

Ep 12 – The Impact of Receiving Gratitude Graciously (Attitude with Gratitude)

Do you struggle receiving thanks? Or compliments? If someone expresses gratitude to you, do you shake it off or struggle with knowing what to say? This week on Attitude with Gratitude, we are discussing how to receive gratitude and why it is so important to do so.