Happiness’ Role in Mental Health (Dr. Tal Ben Shahar)

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What is happiness? Is it something that we earn? Something that is dependent on outside circumstances? Is it something that we can experience even in the midst of mental health struggles? This week I had the incredible honor of connecting with someone that I have looked up to for a long time, the co-founder of Happiness Studies Academy, author, and Harvard lecturer Dr. Tal Ben Shahar.

Holistic Approach to Our Emotions (Zahraa Surtee)

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Are there “good” emotions and “bad” emotions? Should we push away feelings of sadness or anger and seek to immediately replace them with more “acceptable” ways to feel? How about our mental health? Should we admit when we are struggling or hold back our struggles in order to not burden those around us?

Finding Support In Your Mental Health Journey (Solo: Part 3)

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What do you do when you are struggling with your mental health and you are not feeling supported by your family and friends the way you wish? This is a question that I am often asked and is a common concern in the mental health community. This is our last episode in our solo series where I am diving into my own story of healing which included, finding the right support.

How to “Squish” Mental Health Stigma (John Lang & Max Fritzhand)

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Do you feel truly supported in your mental health journey? Do you wish that there were more people for you to talk to and lean on when you are going through a difficult time? This week, I am excited to share with you about a company called Squish, which is looking to solve this problem and bring hope to the mental health field.

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