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We all have those days when from the moment we leave the world of slumber things start going bad. The alarm didn’t wake you on time, you ran out of your favorite coffee, you get stuck behind a truck that thinks it’s a turtle. All we want to do is push a restart button and begin the day again – with better results.

Today’s guest, Tony Greibmeir, did just that. He had been separated from his wife for three years and was on the precipice of divorce, he was deep in debt to the tune of a million dollars, addicted to alcohol and at least 6 or 7 different drugs and life was just spiraling downward. The worst aspect of it all was that Tony was unaware that he needed help. He had accumulated wealth at a very young age when he didn’t know how to handle it. His model  for living life was totally self centered and money oriented. Tony thought he could lead with his wallet – his heart was walled away, not even recognized as part of living life.

One night, when he saw no more reason to continue the hurt and emptiness he decided to take his life. Enter G-d in the guise of his friend, John. John heard that Tony had reached a new low and tells Tony, I’m coming over. Before he left he gave me his parting shot: “Your life has meaning and purpose but what you are doing right now doesn’t.”

“That sort of ruined my night’s planned activity and I just sat with the parting remark. A few days later my pastor told me, ‘There’s good that’s going to come from where you are now. There’s such a powerful message. I can see you sharing your message on stages around the world.’ He told me that people have been praying for me. 

“I was starting a new project and had called my Mom to discuss it with her and then 44 minutes into the conversation I tell my Mom, ‘I need help.’ It was a revelation to me. I hadn’t known I was an alcoholic, I hadn’t known that I needed to reach out for help.

“It’s been eleven years now that I have been sober. I realize that each day is a gift and I can try and make each one even better than the day before. But now I lead with my heart. I’m always speaking and reaching out to others and letting them know, I pray for them and am there to be a support.

“My father molested me when I was 13 years old. I didn’t tell ANYONE about that for years and years. I wasn’t able to speak the words. But I forgave my Dad. He did what was wrong, but that isn’t who he was. I believe we are the conduit for G-d’s goodness. If I keep grudges and hurts about things then I am dragging around heavy loads that just clog up the space where the goodness could flow. I loved my Dad and was very close to him.

“Don’t try to attend your pity party. It’s up to you to work through the hard stuff and get on with your life. Putting blame on your wife, your kids, your partner, your neighbor isn’t going to get you anywhere. The solution lies within yourself.

“We are never finished with working on ourselves. Each morning anew I need to face the challenges and battles, but I know that G-d is with me and there are people praying for me. I believe there are more good people out there than bad. There are only 6 or 7 bad people, they just move around a lot.

“My message to others is that there is no pit too deep that you can’t climb out of and start over again. Don’t repeat the mistakes that you made. Learn from others. There is good in you and you need to nourish it and help it grow.

“I believe friends are everything. I am so blessed to be surrounded by friends – from elementary, jr. high and high school, college, as a  young adult and now.

“Hope is everything. People instill hope in me, like my buddy, John. Make yourself a priority; make you the most important thing in your physical life so that you can be there for those around you; my hope is that the listeners will look in the mirror and say ‘I really like that person’; and if not that they should realize there are people like me that they can reach out to for help.”

Tony can be reached at Befulfilledjournal.com

I took the fantasy, put pen to paper and make it a reality. It’s all about fantasy, possibilities and realities.

He has several new journals coming out; Be Fulfilled Recovery Journal – not just for alcoholics, but from all sorts of difficulties. A divorce, break-up, cancer, losing a child. It helps the person deal with the process and get them on their path. Be Fulfilled Marriage Journal – to help make the most of your marriage. Spiritual Walk Journal – I want to hear about your version of spirutuality and do away with discrimination. I’m a Catholic and you are a Jew, we have different ways of going down the spiritual path, but we are all humans.

Let us here about your experiences – share with us so that we can learn and be wiser.