Life is always being mirrored back to us and when our mirrors are clean and shiny, we can perceive what’s right in front of us so much clearer and without much hesitation. But when we notice a few cracks or when the lens of our worldview is tainted and hazy, we make questionable choices, feel unclear and reflect uncertainty and self-doubt in our everyday lives. So much rests upon how we perceive this world but this requires tons of internal clarity, internal ‘polishing’ of our own mirrors and oftentimes, also checking in with whose lens we’re viewing life through. I’ve sometimes caught myself viewing life through the lens of the past and when this happened, I felt easily saddened and regretful. Viewing life through the lens of the future left me feeling worried and anxious. But choosing to consciously view my life through the current lens of gratefulness, sincerity and conscious awareness left me feeling supported, in Trust and able to make wiser decisions with greater certainty.

Last week, somebody drove by my car and shattered my brand-new minivan’s side mirror. They wrote a little note saying they’re so sorry and left a number for who to contact to get it fixed. I got into my car to drive and all the little pieces of my mirror were still intact, but it wasn’t reflecting clearly. Only a tiny piece was reflecting clearly and was actually usable, while the remainder of the pieces were pretty much unhelpful. This was such a profound clarity for me. Something shifted internally as I realized that this is EXACTLY how our internal framework operates. We are pieced together by little fragments of our mind, body, soul and heart and each of these functions individually, as well as a whole to help us in choosing, to guide us to our absolute Highest good and to allow us to experience joy, freedom and peace. But when just one of these fragment, the entire system has to recalibrate to enable us to function again. Coming back to my mirror, I realized as I was driving just how unhelpful and dangerous it actually was. It prevented me from using the mirror, changing lanes and even reversing and because of this, I had to tap into greater caution, more enhanced awareness and turning around, simply to ensure that I drove safely. When our internal mirrors are ‘cracked’ or misaligned, it reflects inaccurate information back to us – essentially ‘lying’ to us about who and what is both behind and ahead of us. We view the past and the future incorrectly – through our traumas, our inaccurate worldviews and the expectations of those around us. This causes great internal resistance and suffering. We cannot see things clearly, because the very perspective through which we view life is not intact and congruent with reality. We struggle and find that we have to make use of other tools simply to survive, because of our fragmented lenses.

Life begs for our attention through small cracks in our consciousness. First, we feel an ache in our hearts when somebody betrays us and when we choose to stay, our nervous system may learn that we’re not listening. Then, something bigger happens and the ache gets louder and more painful. When we resist the internal listening this time, our body learns that it needs to communicate to us through louder signals. Then, our mind, body and heart all revolt, sometimes rendering us completely incapable of going on as we once did. On the surface it may seem like a medical concern, but deep down inside, there are subtle messages and guidance directing us to polish our internal mirrors again, so that our very lives may reflect enhanced awareness, congruence and peace.

This little lesson was so, so profound for me and got me wondering about how often we polish these internal mirrors within us. Prayer helps ground us and remind us that we are fallible beings and that we may always pray for both guidance, reflection and greater clarity in our choices and decision making. When the little pieces of our consciousness are fragmented, it is also an opportunity for us to recognize just how much we’re actually trying to support ourselves and hold ourselves together. There is a Higher force which speaks to us and guides us to using other tools to assist us in life’s journey, but also to help piece back these fragments again and come back to the very wholeness of who we truly are.

No matter how broken and irretrievable we may feel, we are always, always being supported back towards wholeness.

Can you think of a time when you were reacting or responding from a ‘fragmented’ place?

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