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In today’s episode, I share with you about my personal journey struggling with depression and anxiety. When I was in my forties I was hit with my first panic attack and learned first hand the detrimental toll that depression and anxiety can have on your life. I retell very personal details in this episode in hopes that my story will encourage you wherever you are at in your mental health journey.

My community played a huge role in my healing process. My friends and family taught me how important support is while dealing with depression and anxiety. I told God that when I recovered I would pay it forward and help others struggling with mental illness. In this episode, I dive deeper into my vision for this show and offer words of encouragement to you whether you personally are struggling or someone you love is struggling with these issues. We believe that there is always hope and together is always better.

Topics Discussed:

  • My life before depression and anxiety.
  • The night I experienced my first panic attack.
  • My journey towards healing and my new mission to help others

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