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In today’s episode, I am excited to share with you about our Thursday segment called Attitude with Gratitude. In these short solo episodes, I will share with you the importance of gratitude in recovery, what I am grateful for this week, and an encouragement to you to find the things in your life that you are grateful for.

After reading a book on gratitude, I decided to incorporate it into my daily practice. When you are struggling with depression and anxiety, it can be extremely difficult to practice gratitude. I have experienced the relief that gratitude can bring in the process of recovering from a mental illness, and although it is not easy, it is worth it. I am excited to share more of my journey with you and encourage you to tap into the power of gratitude in your own life.

Special Shout Outs:

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Topics Discussed:

  • Why gratitude is important to recovery.
  • How to “practice” gratitude and develop it like you would a muscle.
  • Special gratitude to those in my life who supported the launch of my show

Connect with us and share what you are grateful for!