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The power of manifesting one’s dreams, goals and hopes into reality isn’t magic. Its a power. So powerful is this gift, called the Law of Attraction that we receive from God, which we all have, that we can receive abundance and blessings to move forward on our paths of want. What we want can be manifested into reality and tapping into this power requires a few simple steps.

One must first realize that we all possess this God given, God created ability, which is as real as the force of gravity. Sometimes, God only gifts our wishes to us when he believes that we are ready. Sometimes, he gifts us with so much better. But we are always in the position of asking, visualizing and living with a more open heart.

We also must identify what we actually want. Focus on it, think of it as if it is real. See the details in your mind’s eye.

Finally, we must also be passionate about it. Let it consume us in a healthy way and the pathways will open. First a trickle, then a stream, and then the floodgates will open. This energy is real.

We often call the moments we become aware our wishes have been fulfilled miracles. And they are. Join us in hearing a personal event from Matana’s life, highlighting this amazing power.

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