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Today we are welcoming mental health advocate and fellow podcast host, Rachael Steinman to the show. Rachel hosts the “Dear Family” podcast which she says is like a “love letter” to families who have a loved one who is suffering from mental illness.

Although Rachel says that she herself has never struggled with mental health, members in her family going back five generations have, which has resulted in four suicides. Rachael shares openly with us about her family’s history, including her mom’s battle with Bipolar.

A few years ago Rachel ran across a manuscript that her grandfather had written before he died by suicide. She began her own writing process uncovering her discoveries about her families mental illnesses and battles with addiction. She said that the writing process actually began to heal her relationship with her own mother and she gained empathy for those struggling and discovered a new passion for breaking the stigma of mental illness.

We not only dive into Rachel’s powerful story but we also discuss how mental illness can be passed down through generations, the importance of stepping in and providing hope for others, and forgiveness’ role in the process.

I learned so much from Rachel and I know you will be moved by her story. If you or someone you know needs support during the mental health journey, please connect with us in our private community Hope to Recharge- because as always- together is better!

Topics Discussed:

Generational mental health.
The importance of talking with your children about mental health.
How (and why) to let go and forgive.

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