My energy practitioner, Brian Weiss, was interviewed a number of months ago on Hope to Recharge, but today I had an actual session with Brian.  The session will give you a bit of what is involved in an energy session,  but each person and each session is different.

Some background to help navigate what is taking place in the session.

There are energies emitted by all of us. Practitioners such as Brian, are trained to zone in on the energies that are being broadcast. I like to liken it to radio waves. Sometimes we are in a location which can transmit loud and clear and we hear what is being broadcast. Other times there is static and transmission is weak and not always decipherable. When we have traumas, or just unresolved issues, our bodies will hold on to them. At times we do so because we feel we don’t have the time or energy to deal with them. There might be issues that we have that were experienced when we were so young that they don’t show up in our conscious memory. At a certain point our bodies will demand of us that we face them and deal with them. If we ignore it then we develop either physical, emotional or mental distress.

“Brian, which emotions do you feel I am emitting?”

“Matana, I feel anger.”

I know that anger is one of the things that I struggle with. Brian taught me about forgiveness. I used to think that forgiveness meant that I said it was alright for the person to hurt me. I learned that isn’t what forgiveness is about. It isn’t alright for the person to have or continue to hurt me. What I need to do is explore where the hurt lies in what the person did and then examine it and work through it. If we hold on to the hurt, we actually add to the original action by perpetuating it. True forgiveness will free me of carrying around a deep and heavy emotion which is just causing me harm. True forgiveness is liberating.

Brian helps by breaking down the emotion. There are many different words for similar emotions. There is anger, fury, lividness, upset. Knowing the exact word helps to identify the emotion and deal with it properly.

“Matana, just because I feel anger from you, doesn’t mean that you are an angry person, or even that you are angry right now. It means that I can feel that you are carrying around anger within you, and that is not a healthy thing. It may be directed at yourself, a person, at something or a group of people. When I bring up an emotion, often the client knows where it is coming from.

“I’m also picking up on betrayal. And the anger is connected to it. There is also a slight anxiety I am detecting. It might relate to today’s session or your schedule, that you have so much on your plate.

“Now I am feeling a repression of an emotion. Also, you are feeling judged. More in general rather than by a specific person; it could be a certain sect of people.

An additional thing which is  coming up is a lack of focus, or mental clarity.”

“Brian, what do we do about these emotions? These are heavy duty.”

“I am here to help support the person to deal with their emotions. As they delve into the causes of the emotion I give them tools to help them .They learn how to utilize them in future circumstances. The goal is to unpack the emotion which is causing the imbalance and hurt and then have the client utilize the tools to keep the emotions from ruling them.

“It is always correct to acknowledge and feel the emotion, but don’t allow the emotion to rule you.

I wasn’t feeling anger at the moment and asked Brian to help me tap into it.

“It happened about 5-6 years ago. It’s a long time to hold on to anger.
It wasn’t a family member. It was a friend or acquaintance. Sit with it.  It may come in a few minutes, maybe in a few days. It is not good to try and force the memory. Let it float up to the surface. If it doesn’t come up there are still ways to deal with it.

“When someone is depressed then there is a black cloud hanging over everything. It is very hard for them to internalize and do the work. Under such circumstances it might help to give the client something homeopathic to lift the cloud and allow them to make a change.

“It’s not just a matter of balancing someone. There are numerous triggers that the body associates with what is going on at the time of a trauma.

Another energy practitioner had a client who at the age of 35-40 developed an anaphylactic reaction to chicken. There are varying degrees of allergy but hers was very severe. Added to this, an allergy to chicken is quite rare. Her trauma had been pinpointed to the age of three. The woman was making process when they hit a wall and there wasn’t any more forward movement. The woman related the halt of progress to her mother and her mother said, ‘Oh, my gosh! When you were three years old we had gone out to eat at a restaurant and a chicken bone got stuck in your throat. Another diner came and stuck his finger down your throat to dislodge it, but you had fainted. We had you examined and everything was fine.’

“This woman,even after hearing the story, had no memory of the incident. But her body had recorded it and the trigger was the chicken. Everytime she would come into contact with chicken the body reacted as if the chicken was trying to kill it. Once they discovered the incident the woman was able to resume progress and eventually was free to eat chicken with no reaction whatsoever.

I want to point out that there is a major difference between therapy and energy healing. In therapy the therapist wants to revisit the story. With energy healing you can skip the story. What matters is dealing with the emotion. Some people like understanding and therefore love therapy. I like therapy, but before I came to Brian I wasn’t getting that much from it.

I asked Brian how I could lower my anxiety level about traveling. Every time I need to travel my anxiety shoots up and I find myself snapping at the kids for things I normally wouldn’t, I’m nervous and uptight. It all passes as soon as I sit down on the plane, it’s gone.

“You need to do some checking into what it is that you are nervous about.”

“I don’t feel comfortable about leaving my family. There are times I cancel my trip because I feel guilty that I am not with them.”

“Once you have made a decision, Matana, you need to own it. You make your decision based on all the factors and once you do that it isn’t up to you what the result is. You can only control the effort you put in. The outcome is NEVER up to  you. The other factor is to look at the other emotions linked in with the decision. You mentioned guilt. That can drive up the anxiety. Embrace and understand the emotions and own your decision.

“If you do the work, the next time you travel it may improve only 5%, but the time after 10 % and so on. One can’t retrain their emotions in one session. It takes patience.

“I’m picking up on another emotion – failure. It’s an old one.”

“I don’t think I am afraid of failure in general. The only place I fear failure, is in relationships. Was I honest? Did I show up properly in this relationship? Was I a failure as a spouse, daughter, friend, parent?

“This fear of failure stemmed from something 19, 20 years ago. It’s another trigger of your anxiety. You have to deal with the intertwining of the emotions. You have to get everything or it will just come back up again.

When you told your story about your first panic attack, you described yourself as a multi-tasker, full of energy, full of life, and ‘all of a sudden, out of nowhere’ you were hit with a panic attack. But it wasn’t all of a sudden. You were hanging on to a trauma that had tons of triggers that had latched on to the trauma over the years and finally there was a straw that broke the camel’s back. A trigger that went back to the trauma you had been lugging around for years, and that produced the panic attack.

“That is what people don’t realize. You can be going along fine, when all of a sudden a physical ailment begins, a pain, an ache, a symptom, or a panic attack. It’s never from nothing – it’s always from something.”

“How do we clear this feeling of failure?”

“Go back 19, 20 years and see what made you fear failure. Realize we don’t  control the outcome. Also, without failure, a person can’t succeed. Being afraid that something won’t work out denies a person the ability to learn and get smarter.

“When we are younger and experience a trauma, we can’t process nor understand the emotions. We just internalize a fear, an embarrassment, a sadness or low self image, self esteem or self worth.

“I just picked up on stubbornness.”

“It wouldn’t be me if there was no stubbornness. I am constantly working on my stubbornness.. It is like brain lock. Right now I don’t want to share publicly what I am feeling, because I am not clear about it.”

“Don’t wait too long, because it is turning into something unhealthy. It’s one thing to work on something and try to work it out. But if you are holding on to it because you are stubborn, your not making the right decision. “

“Maybe we will work on it in private, and I will be more focused and have more clarity about the issue.”

I want to specify that energy healing is not black magic. One needs to do work and be honest with oneself. If not, save your money. It isn’t for you. Brian is taking a cue off the person of what the body wants to rid itself of.

“When I work with a client, I encourage them to be in touch with me in between sessions. If they feel something, it may be a good sign that they have dealt with one trigger and now they are facing a new one that needs to be dealt with. It is easier for me to zone in on what is happening when a client contacts me when they are experiencing an emotion, rather than waiting until the next appointment.”

“For me it was a huge plus knowing that I could contact Brian when something would come up. He knew what I was experiencing and could direct me. If you do the work, it is very rewarding at the end of the road.

You feel like you climbed Mt. Everest!”

Not every practitioner is successful with every client. It can depend on timing, on willingness to do the work, openness of the client, on dozens of factors. Just like any other doctor or therapist. My experience with Brian was life changing. I wish all of you the ability to find that person that will enable you to rise to your challenge, face it, deal with it and grow, so that you can be the best you possible.

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