I love Thursdays. It’s a day that I cook delicious food for our Shabbat. I love good food and sharing it with my family and friends brings it up to another level. An additional high point of Thursday is the Attitude of Gratitude. I focus on some new aspect of gratitude.

Today, after conversing with a friend who has a partner suffering from mental illness, I reflected back on my own story. I became aware of an important point that I wish someone would have pointed out to me during my days of depression.

My husband, children, parents and friends, who were my support system, were also going through a hard time. It is not easy to see a loved one of yours in such a difficult situation. They too fought each day to have the ability to help me in my inability to function. If I had expressed some appreciation and gratitude for their being there for me, it would have energized them so they would not get depleted. Even if your someone isn’t there fully, you feel they could or should do more, for whatever they do, do, be grateful. And express that gratitude.

Whether it is a nurse, a therapist, a doctor, a support group, your spouse, your children, whoever is there for you, let them know you appreciate it.

How? You can write a card, send a text, verbally, or send them a video when you aren’t in a deep down. When I was in the depths I didn’t think about anyone else but myself. I wish someone had told me how vital it is to let those who were there for me know how much it meant to me. They also need support. It is like a parent watching a child battling something really tough – it is hard for them, as well.

I want to dedicate this episode to people who are wrestling with mental illness of all types – depression, bi-polar, schizophrenia, borderline – whatever. Remember the people in your life that are there for you, and let them know how grateful you are to them.

An exceptionally effective way is to describe what you are grateful for. You sat by me when I was vomiting; you got me to drink a cup of juice, you rubbed my back; you brought me my favorite shake. Let them know how you noticed the effort they made for you.

This is the task for the week. Communicate to those around you your appreciation, whether they were perfect or not.

Share with us what you are grateful for today. Waiting to hear from you!

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