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There are numerous people who approach me and ask, “How did you heal? How did you get to a healthy place in life?” My answer is: It wasn’t easy, it took a great deal of work, but I was blessed with many different types of healing agents. One of the main characters in my story of recovery was Brian Weiss. He practices energy healing.

What that means exactly is hard to explain. Just as radio waves are present in the air and can be detected and utilized with a transistor radio, Brian has a gift from G-d to tune into a person’s energy, positive and negative.There are as many varied energies as there are emotions.

Brian always asks permission before treating, to tap into someone’s energy. Today I asked Brian to tell me what energies he noticed I was emitting.

“I’m feeling there is anger that you are holding on to.”

The truth is that I struggle with anger. Brian had taught me forgiveness. It is okay to let go of the emotions if a person hurt me – to leave go of the anger. Anger creates a great deal of negative energy. I usually sometimes hold onto it because I want to examine it and understand where it is coming from, but I most let go of it eventually or I harm myself.

He clarified further, “There are many different words for similar emotions. One could feel anger, fury, be livid – these are varying levels. To understand one needs to be specific.”

“If I detect anger, it doesn’t mean that you are an angry person or even that you are angry at this moment. It may be directed to one person or a group of people. I can pick up on anger, but the client needs to delve into where it is coming from and who it is  directed at.”

“Matana, I am also picking up on a feeling of betrayal.”

“Brian, are they connected?”

“Yes, I believe they are. Now, I’m also feeling slight anxiety. It may just be your very loaded schedule for the next few days. I feel that you are repressing your emotions. And we know that repressing emotions is not healthy.”

“A person may say ‘I’m angry at so and so, but I can’t afford the emotional energy right now, so I’m going to ignore it. I won’t allow myself to think about it.’  But that’s a mistake. Burying the emotions will hurt you later on.”

“Matana, you are feeling judged. I think it’s more general rather than a specific person. Also I feel a lack of clarity and focus.”

“Brian, it’s very true.”

“The emotion needs to be examined. It can be draining but after the work is done, it energizes. I help support the person to find out what it is and let go of it. I help them deal with emotion to rid them of negative energy.”

“I am not feeling angry now.”

“It seems that about 5 or 6 years ago, something happened that caused you to be angry. It was a female, a friend or an acquaintance. Not a family member.”

“A patient may not immediately recognize the root cause. It may take a bit of time or even several days. There is also a way to treat it even without identifying it.”

“Brian, maybe because we are doing a podcast i’m not hyper-focused as I usually am.”

“Matana, give yourself time to think about it. Don’t force it. You may come up with several possibilities. Sit with it. At times, one needs to put pieces of the puzzle together. Perhaps the betrayal is connected. That might help you.”

“Brian, when I come to you and I am distraught, how do you balance me? You used to tell me, ‘You’re energy is out of balance. I’ll first balance your energy.”

“I try not to do it too often. But if a person is depressed, the cloud is so dark, they need medicine to lift the cloud enough to be open to deal with the emotions and receive therapy and help. What I do is get the person stronger than the emotion and then he will be able to find the path and use the tools to let it go. The feelings are then less overwhelming.”

“Energy healing can be done worldwide. A person need not be sitting in front of me. Sometimes it takes an instant, sometimes it takes moments.”

“There were times when I would arrive for a session you would tell me that I was out of balance and that you wanted to balance me. I would be frustrated because you had balanced me the last session and now again I was out of balance. Why is that?”

“It is constant work. After a while the client learns how to balance themselves. They become more attuned to their emotions and when they feel a shift in the wrong direction, they can stop and say to themselves, ‘Okay, now I need to go back to center.”

“Yes. I’m more aware and I can track my emotions and can stop my emotions by addressing things and letting go of things. Back in the day, things would set me off and it was a constant returning.”

“Matana, it’s not just  a matter of balancing someone. There are triggers that are an outgrowth of trauma. Anything can be associated with a trauma,. A sound, a smell, a feeling.”

“There was a case of a 35-40 year old woman who was anaphylactically allergic to chicken. This is very rare. Her practitioner had made some progress with her but then they hit a stumbling block. The woman related to her mother that she was being treated for her chicken allergy and that the healing process  had hit a wall. The mother got excited and told her that when she was 3 years old they had been eating out in a restaurant and a chicken bone got stuck in her throat and she was choking. A person from another table came and dislodged it, but she had lost consciousness. In the end everything was fine, but her body associated the chicken with dying. It blamed the chicken, so her immune system learned to react to chicken as a threat. Once it was identified, together with the practitioner, she was able to retrain her body that chicken was not a threat. Our bodies store visual, audio, olfactory and tactile histories of everything we ever experienced, even before we were born.”

“The concept in energy healing is to treat the trauma and give the client the tools that they can continue the work. It can take one visit or several months of visits, but it is not meant to continue for years. Every now and then a person may want to come back if a particularly difficult issue arises.”

“In energy healing we skip the story. The story isn’t what matters. We treat the trauma. Ninety-five per cent of not being healthy physically is an outgrowth of emotions that were not dealt with.”

“A person needs to own how they are living their life; to own their decisions and not second guess themselves. They should say: ‘I’m going to do the best I can today and if something doesn’t get completed, I will accept that I did my best.’ We have control over our effort, NOT OVER THE OUTCOME! People have anxiety when they feel that they are responsible for the outcome. Effort is truly important, then accept the outcome and move on!”

“Brian, what triggers my anxiety? Every time I need to travel or have a big project I get anxious.”

“It is a  combination of genes and how you absorb the world around you. Two people can be walking down the street and see a dog on the other side of the road. One will say, ‘Oh, look how cute he is.’ and the other can say, ‘I have to turn back. That dog is scary looking.’ It is the story they came with. We are a product of our DNA and upbringing. That is why everyone is unique.” 

“I can help a person be less stressed, get back to center and often people can get off medication. We need to know that we are in control of our emotions and not that our emotions control us.”

“If something sad happens we will of course be sad, but we don’t need to be sad for the rest of our lives. Emotions are there for positive reasons as well. Emotions let people with us know where we are emotionally.”

“Brian, if I want to be like anybody else who goes away for a weekend and not freak out, or not allow my thought process to go to the worst case scenario, what do I need to do?”

“Let’s look at your level of anxiety in preparing to go on the trip, going on the trip, doing what you needed to do on the trip, and then coming back.”

“On my last trip, the one and a half days before were very stressful, but as soon as I got on the plane it was gone. I worked with my EFT practitioner to let go of my stress.”

“I recommend, Matana, that you play back in your mind the following: If I got on the plane and I was okay, why can’t I be okay when I am preparing to go somewhere with my family? Own the decision. Know that this is the best decision under your circumstances.”

“Second guessing yourself feeds into your anxiety. Side emotions like guilt can start driving your anxiety. Embrace and understand the emotions that you feel once you are on the plane, and you can experience them before as well. You need to work on it. It is a process and doesn’t happen at once.”

“There is another emotion I am picking up, Matana. Failure.”

“Interesting, because I don’t think I fear failure. My biggest fear of failure is in relationships. Was I a failure as a spouse, friend, daughter or mother.”

“Matana, the fear of failure is an old one. Maybe 19-20 years ago. It is a general fear of failure and when you are doing something new it will up your feeling of anxiety.”

“You need to deal with the emotions and then also with the triggers, the causes. Without getting it all uprooted together, you don’t get rid of the negative emotions. How to clear the fear of failure? Go back to that time frame, try to see what made you afraid of failure. It is important to remember that without failure we can’t succeed and allowing the fear of failure to dominate does not allow us to learn and experience, to get smarter and stronger. We need to realize we put in the effort and the results are not up to us.”

“There is also some stubbornness that I am detecting.”

“I’m not ready to share about it on a podcast right now. I have an analytic mind and I keep trying to break down the stubbornness to understand it before I let go of it.”

“Matana, if it’s turning into something unhealthy, and you are holding on to it, it isn’t to your benefit.”

“My EFT practitioner told me that there is a lot of resentment. I want to let go and separate the resentment from my stubbornness.”

“You need to do something, because it is getting to a point of being unhealthy.”

“In summary energy healing is not for everybody. It isn’t a quick fix. You need to want to do the work. A sense of humor helps. There is so much that we don’t understand in life and humor helps us get through it. Many people come to Brian and find their way back to health.”

“Matana, I try my best to be the messenger that people need, but I’m not always successful. One needs the right person at the right time and in the right place. Sometimes the client is not determined enough. It isn’t a question of blame. Timing is huge in the equation.”

“I encourage my clients to text or email me with changes or shifts they are feeling in their emotions. It is better to deal with it as soon as the change occurs rather than waiting days until the next session. A touch up can help a person get through until the next visit. I can’t always answer the phone, but I try to.”

“I help people heal themselves. I’m not a healer. The body by nature wants to heal and G-d is the Healer.”