I don’t know if you believe in God, but I certainly do. I believe that He created this grand, majestic universe and I believe that each and every one of us carries within us a part of our own universe too. There have been way too many miracles which have happened over the past 45 years of my own life, for me to call it pure “chance”. I have learned how to use the tools gifted to me – the tools of manifestation, magic and power, along with the tools of gratitude and visualization, which orchestrate the wonder that is my life today. I am always in wonder and always in awe when miracles still happen for me. What I’m about to share with you is a very personal miracle of mine, but I want to “gift it” to you, as a means of exploring the multitude of possibilities in your own life and creating magic for yourself too.

Five years ago, when I turned 40 and had a mini mid-life crisis, I promised myself that when I was 45, I would celebrate my birthday in Israel.  I’m  unsure why I chose the age of 45, but I believe that a part of me knew that it was something which I needed to do to celebrate myself. I decided that I would put something into motion to have something to look forward to, as my good friend Allison always said, “In life, make sure you have something to look forward to”. So I did 😉.

My idea, was that my children would be older and in summer camp, so I would be free to book a room at the David Citadel Hotel. This hotel is one of my absolute favorite hotels. I dated my husband Ariel there, met many friends there, got ready for my wedding there, took my wedding pictures there, stayed there after my wedding too and so many other special memories as well. That venue carries a very special place in my heart and gives me a nostalgic feeling. With the current strict covid regulations in place, I wasn’t sure how this would be possible for me, but I never gave up on visualizing it every single morning in my mind. I connected with the feelings along with  the excitement of spending my 45th birthday in Israel at my favorite hotel, despite all the limitations.

Thank God, I’m blessed with a journey which has been so magnificent throughout the years. I’ve transformed so much. I’ve learnt so much, healed so much and used this power which has been gifted to me in such unbelievable and miraculous ways. This power has much to do with the law of attraction, which I discovered about 11 years ago. I had been struggling with my own depression and traditional medicine, psychiatry and psychology weren’t completely working. I had the opportunity to learn more about the holistic world and all of its profound gems of healing. I read the book, ‘The Secret,’ ‘The Power’ and ‘The Magic’. All of these books shifted something inside me. Back then, I believed that life only happened to me. I wasn’t aware of the untapped power which resides within us. I wasn’t aware that much of what we think, say and do physically impacts our lives. I was a passive recipient of my own life and what happened to me.  However, once I discovered these magical principles of manifestation and gratitude, I was able to recover from my deep depression and began living with a more open and grateful heart. I began to implement a daily practice of gratitude, together with visualization, using the law of attraction and I firmly believe that these two practices paired together amplified the miracles in my own life.

I love to celebrate my birthday corresponding to the Jewish calendar, especially because my name, which means “Gift”, originates from  the Bible. But With Covid and all of the restrictions placed on travel into Israel, I still wasn’t sure how I was going to manifest my dream of celebrating my birthday there. Because I haven’t been vaccinated, upon entering Israel, I would be required to be confined to quarantine for 14 days before I could meet my family. When we manifest miracles in our lives, we have to be very clear about what we want, we have to put a plan into place and we have to believe it in our core. Most importantly, we have to take inspired action. I was very clear about what I wanted for my birthday, but with all the restrictions, I couldn’t make a plan or take action. I didn’t give up. I prayed to God to make it happen for me, because I do truly believe and trust that all miracles happen only through Him.

Each morning, I have a routine of how I start my day.

  • Before I open my eyes, I start with gratitude in my mind for about sixty seconds.
  • When the children are out for the day or before they get up, (depending on the day), I do the following:
  • I pray and at the end my prayers I proceed with another set of gratitude meditation. Then, I speak or think of some more rounds of affirmation that “connect” to my energy of that day.
  • I then sit in silence and meditate for 2 to 3 minutes visualizing abundance and healing light
  • (I have a specific picture that I look at of the Sun and the beam of light connecting to the ocean that I look at before I meditate).
  • After this, I say my gratitude prayer, called Nishmat. When I finish saying Nishmat, I visualize the Miracles and the manifestations I am currently working on. I feel that positive energy just coming into my heart. There is no day that begins without my prayer of Nishmat.

My entire family lives in Israel and I try to spend every possible celebration with them. Five days before my birthday, I was unable to attend my nephews wedding even though I wanted to, but God made my decision very easy for me. My son’s graduation was scheduled for that same day and I wouldn’t miss that moment for the world. There was also a second wedding in Israel to attend. My niece was getting married the day after my Hebrew birthday and I yearned to be close to my family, celebrating both myself and this wonderful occasion.

My miracle happened a week before the wedding in that the restrictions in Israel lessened. Once I arrive, I’d be required to take a covid test and antibody test. If I have antibodies, I would not be required to quarantine. I couldn’t believe it.

On Saturday evening was my Hebrew birthday, and as many of you know, I do not use Electronics on Shabbat. As soon as Shabbat ended I turned my phone on, checked in and found that my brother had sent an email to me saying he had booked an airplane ticket for me to travel to Israel and told me that he would have somebody to pick me up from the airport when I arrived.

I could not believe my eyes. His words reassured me to be calm and everything with getting into Israel will work out.

After thinking about this overnight, I started  thinking if I could finish packing up my son’s luggage for his camp, do a covid test and also pack my own bags to get to Israel. I accepted the gift. I smiled and said to myself, “When you try to manifest something you need to be ready to receive it, even when it comes from the most unexpected ways”.

My brother and I decided we are going to surprise everybody. I hadn’t hugged my parents for a year and a half. After I helped my son pack for camp, I could still make it to Israel on my birthday.

Everything miraculously fell into place. What’s more, the David Citadel hotel also happened to have a special low price deal for that week and I was able to stay there. I surprised my parents and it was one of the most amazing experiences.

This wasn’t a coincidence. It was carefully planned and orchestrated. For me, it was none other than a pure miracle. As human beings, we go through many changes. These changes can be brutal and life-changing at the very same time. I always say that it’s not always the change that is brutal, but the transition through it which brings us to our knees. Over these 45 years, I’ve kept transitioning. I was blessed to be able to stand on the balcony of the David Citadel hotel and envision everything that I want for my life.

We can create magic. We are not always in control of when we are blessed with our miracles. Sometimes, God only gifts them to us when we are ready. Sometimes, He gifts us with so much better. But we are always in the position of asking, visualizing and living with a more open heart. We can always open ourselves up to receiving and fine-tuning our frequency, so that we are more able to meet our blessings with openness and deep, deep gratitude.

If it’s possible for me, then it’s possible for you too.

So, what is that dream that you want to manifest in your own life?

Are you willing to be relentless in pursuing it?

There is so much research available, waiting for you to tap into. There are thousands of books, talks and seminars on how you can manifest the life which awaits you.

We can create magic for ourselves too.


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